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IMM Perspectives

Hetal Sheth 5/3/22 2:50 PM 11 min read

Case study: Transforming Families with Affordable Housing

Entrepreneurs who focus on providing affordable and sustainable housing need data to ...
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Hetal Sheth 4/12/22 3:05 AM 6 min read

What does equity and inclusion have to do with impact measurement?

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement as well as the disproportionate effects of the ...
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Hetal Sheth 4/5/22 2:41 AM 6 min read

New approaches to report social impact in real estate projects

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of affordable housing policy. We see ...
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Hetal Sheth 3/30/22 2:42 AM 6 min read

Can Impact Work Without Diversity Be Racist?

Social enterprises, nonprofits, and impact investors all share one mission: driving ...
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Hetal Sheth 3/20/22 11:12 PM 5 min read

5 Ways Economic Development Organizations Should Enrich Impact Data

Economic development organizations can have a powerful and transformative impact on their ...
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Unmesh Sheth 3/1/22 8:26 AM 8 min read

Purposeful Social Impact Analytics

Purposeful organizations focus on people or the planet and strive to reduce negative ...
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Hetal Sheth 2/21/22 5:36 AM 7 min read

4 Ways Corporations Can Fight for Social Justice

Social impact is not beyond reach for successful companies. Corporations don’t need to be ...
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Unmesh Sheth 2/14/22 11:14 PM 5 min read

What are the Barriers to Stakeholder Centric Impact Management?

Is it possible to determine true impact simply by defining and aggregating metrics? ...
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Hetal Sheth 2/13/22 10:02 PM 6 min read

Putting the “S” in ESG

There is no environmental, social, and governance (ESG) achievement without the S. Truly ...
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Unmesh Sheth 2/11/22 2:57 AM 8 min read

Demystifying Social Impact Management

As interest in impact measurement and management (IMM) is growing, we are increasingly ...
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Hetal Sheth 2/6/22 10:23 PM 6 min read

3 Steps to Move from Shareholder to Stakeholder Impact

Impact-driven organizations want to make their funders happy. But who is impact for? Too ...
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Hetal Sheth 1/25/22 2:04 AM 7 min read

Why ESG Surveys Miss the Mark for Sustainability?

If you are a social enterprise or non-profit organization, your asset managers have ...
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Unmesh Sheth 1/17/22 9:34 PM 7 min read

5 Mistakes That Are Stopping Social Enterprise Growth 

Social enterprises (SEs) measure success in two ways. The first is by generating economic ...
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Hetal Sheth 1/11/22 1:57 AM 8 min read

How social procurement saves corporations from underdevelopment?

Business-as-usual cannot address the urgent social and environmental challenges of today. ...
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Unmesh Sheth 1/4/22 9:51 AM 9 min read

4 Reasons Your Social Enterprise Needs Social Impact Consulting

Impact management and measurement can be a daunting process for a social enterprise. ...
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Hetal Sheth 12/27/21 10:43 PM 6 min read

Impact Accelerators for Social Enterprises

Demonstrating impact can be a challenge for social enterprises and nonprofits alike. ...
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Unmesh Sheth 12/20/21 1:04 AM 9 min read

Impact investments Measurement Best Practices

How should impact investors think about the impact measurement of the portfolio?  What ...
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Hetal Sheth 12/14/21 1:09 AM 8 min read

Attribution vs Contribution in Impact Measurement

Social enterprises seek to generate a positive impact on society. To what extent can we ...
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Hetal Sheth 12/4/21 1:43 PM 7 min read

Theory behind social impact experiments

In science class, we learn that an experiment is a procedure to test a hypothesis. In the ...
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Unmesh Sheth 11/23/21 12:55 PM 9 min read

Design Effective Impact Experiments

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Unmesh Sheth 11/3/21 5:27 AM 7 min read

Beyond Theory of Change Template

The theory of change is a foundation for social purpose organizations. Yet, often many ...
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Hetal Sheth 11/1/21 5:40 AM 13 min read

Effective Nonprofit Social Impact Reporting

Raising grants needs effective impact evidence and data-driven storytelling.   Why build ...
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Unmesh Sheth 9/9/21 7:16 AM 10 min read

Seven steps to build IMM maturity for your impact portfolio

Social enterprises, businesses, or nonprofits play a pivotal role in addressing societal ...
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Hetal Sheth 8/27/21 8:52 AM 9 min read

How to use impact learning to scale social impact?

A Growing Movement Of Social Purpose With Profit Social enterprises and nonprofits ...
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Hetal Sheth 8/16/21 12:23 AM 12 min read

INVESTING IN SOCIAL VALUE - maximizing social returns

Social value creation is the basis of justifying any activity. In Business, measuring the ...
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Unmesh Sheth 8/9/21 11:30 AM 11 min read

Measuring Social Impact Needs New Approach: Continuous Learning

Most agree that impact measurement and management done right can help maximize social ...
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Lorena Rodriguez 8/9/21 9:01 AM 4 min read

5 Reasons: Why you should measure social impact?

Measuring impact is the recognized way to show the value your organization is delivering ...
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Hetal Sheth 8/11/20 3:00 PM 9 min read

Demonstrate impact through effective stakeholder impact analysis

In 2019, we had a conversation with Ben Carpenter from Social Value International ...
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Unmesh Sheth 4/10/20 2:18 PM 12 min read

Monitoring and evaluation plan for effective donor engagement

If you are a nonprofit, international development organization, or social enterprise, you ...
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Hetal Sheth 2/10/20 8:51 AM 10 min read

How to Avoid SDG Washing?

Are you a business with a vision to drive social impact through sustainable development ...
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