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IMM Perspectives

Hetal Sheth11/22/23 4:17 PM6 min read

Impact of affordable housing on families and communities

Entrepreneurs who focus on providing affordable and sustainable housing need data to ...
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Hetal Sheth11/9/23 5:09 PM5 min read

Revolutionizing Social Impact Measurement with Lean Data Management

Understanding Lean Data and Its Significance In the realm of social impact measurement ...
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Unmesh Sheth10/8/23 4:38 PM4 min read

How to write a grant proposal for nonprofit? - Differentiate!

Nonprofits often struggle with the pressing issue of insufficient funds, which can hinder ...
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Unmesh Sheth7/22/23 2:25 PM6 min read

Why you should measure social impact?

Why impact is important? In today's socially conscious world, measuring the impact of ...
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Unmesh Sheth7/21/23 1:28 PM8 min read

Nonprofit Logic Model: Your Launchpad to Modern Impact Insights

New age of Nonprofit logic model My journey toward social impact measurement was ...
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Unmesh Sheth7/6/23 4:24 PM6 min read

How to Measure Impact of a Program

Data has emerged as a powerful tool for driving social impact and fostering meaningful ...
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Hetal Sheth6/18/23 5:27 PM3 min read

4 Game-Changing Reasons for Measuring Impact in Nonprofits

Have you ever wondered how data could be the game-changer for your nonprofit needs? ...
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Unmesh Sheth6/5/23 9:33 PM13 min read

10 Different Ways to Increase Survey Response Rate

How to increasesurvey response rate Surveys are a powerful tool for gathering valuable ...
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Unmesh Sheth6/4/23 4:32 PM9 min read

Transforming Survey Analysis for Better Impact Insight

Surveys have long been an essential tool for collecting data and gaining insights. ...
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Unmesh Sheth6/4/23 12:28 AM7 min read

Beyond Excel: Revolutionary Approach to Survey Data Analysis

In today's world, utilizing data is pivotal for non-profit organizations to make informed ...
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Unmesh Sheth6/2/23 4:27 PM9 min read

Data-Driven Social Impact: Innovative Survey Data Analysis Tool

Harnessing Survey Data Analytics for stakeholder impact assessment In today's ...
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Unmesh Sheth5/30/23 8:27 AM4 min read

Importance of Data for Nonprofit Growth: The Untapped Reservoir

Importance of data for nonprofits In today's data-driven world, nonprofit organizations ...
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Unmesh Sheth5/28/23 3:21 PM8 min read

Building a Cost-Effective Salesforce Data Warehouse for Nonprofits

In the mission-driven world of nonprofits, robust data management is integral to ...
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Unmesh Sheth12/31/22 11:47 AM4 min read

Explore Top Social Impact Measurement Methods with Sopact

Social Impact Measurement Methods Emphasizing the social impact of initiatives and ...
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Hetal Sheth11/28/22 2:00 AM6 min read

Unlocking Corporate DEI: 5 Data-Driven Strategies to Disrupt Inequity

In recent years, the issue of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has become a ...
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Hetal Sheth11/13/22 11:16 PM3 min read

How the UN's sustainable development goals (SDG) affect enterprise?

The UN’s sustainable development goals (SDG) project is aimed at global transformation ...
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Hetal Sheth11/9/22 4:03 AM2 min read

How can clean energy social enterprises boost their impact?

In 2017, 840 million people lacked access to electricity globally. In sub-Saharan Africa, ...
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Hetal Sheth10/31/22 3:28 AM3 min read

Can impact data improve our health and wellbeing?

We eat well and exercise, but there are more dimensions to positive health and ...
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Hetal Sheth10/11/22 11:46 PM5 min read

Strategies for Effective Social Enterprise Impact Measurement

As social enterprises, we are all working towards a common goal: positively impacting ...
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Unmesh Sheth9/8/22 10:50 AM6 min read

Storytelling for Social Impact: Unveiling Value and Evidence

Storytelling for Impact Storytelling for impact is more than just attractive reports or ...
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Unmesh Sheth7/22/22 6:14 AM15 min read

Power of Impact Measurement for Sustainable Social Enterprise

Sustainable social enterprises have emerged as a powerful force in solving social ...
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Hetal Sheth7/11/22 11:00 AM5 min read

Financial Security for All : CDFI Impact Measurement

Significant and lasting economic development requires an organization to understand the ...
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Unmesh Sheth6/9/22 9:43 AM6 min read

Understanding social impact data science

Social Impact Data This article will discuss the importance of social impact data and its ...
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Hetal Sheth5/31/22 4:39 AM5 min read

Accelerating Change for Social Enterprises: The Miller Center

Impact investors and social impact accelerators want to change the world. Through their ...
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Hetal Sheth4/12/22 3:05 AM7 min read

How to measure equity in workplace?

Equity refers to the fair and impartial treatment of individuals and groups, regardless ...
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Hetal Sheth4/5/22 2:41 AM6 min read

Social Impact Real Estate: Investing in Properties with Purpose

Social Impact Real Estate is a relatively new concept in real estate investing. It refers ...
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Hetal Sheth3/20/22 11:12 PM2 min read

Significance of Social Impact Data in Economic Development

The Power of Impact Data in Economic Development: Driving Lasting Change Impact data ...
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Hetal Sheth2/21/22 5:36 AM5 min read

CSR Social Impact: Transform Society Through Corporate Social Justice

Corporate Social Responsibility 1.0: An Evolutionary Step Corporate responsibility is ...
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Hetal Sheth2/13/22 10:02 PM3 min read

ESG Social Impact: Achieve Real Change with Sopact

The "S" in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) represents a crucial element that ...
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Hetal Sheth2/6/22 10:23 PM4 min read

3 Steps to Move from Shareholder to Stakeholder Impact

Impact-driven organizations want to make their funders happy. But who is impacted? Too ...
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