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From Survey to Insight | June 4th, 2024 9:00 AM PDT | Register Now

We’re obsessed with making sense of your data.

Your ally in elevating the power of data and learning the social impact of your stakeholders.

Welcome to Sopact: Where Impact Meets Innovation

At Sopact, we believe in challenging the status quo. In a world clamoring for change, we place stakeholder voices at the forefront, knowing that this shift in focus is pivotal to altering global approaches. We are not just a platform; we are revolutionaries in the realm of impact management.

Understanding Delays, Unleashing Potential

Organizations worldwide grapple with delays, often lacking a blend of critical elements: expertise in impact management, data proficiency, and technological innovation. The typical approach? A linear, framework-dependent method that leads to protracted processes and a blurred understanding of impact. But we chose a different path.

From Failure to Formula

Sopact has transformed failures into a robust, iterative approach. Our secret? Effective listening coupled with AI-enhanced data collection and analysis. This revolutionary method enables organizations to comprehend and utilize stakeholder data swiftly – what once took hundreds of hours is now achievable in minutes.

Sopact: Your Partner in Impact

With Sopact, your focus shifts from technological hurdles to your mission. We don't just offer a platform; we provide partnership. From defining impactful strategies to integrating data analytics, we help you tell your story while saving time and resources.

Why Partner with Sopact?

Join the league of organizations that have placed their trust in us. Our unique value proposition is in our ability to craft impact strategies that streamline data collection and analysis, ultimately saving valuable resources and facilitating informed decision-making.

Experience and Collaboration: Our Strengths

Boasting 80 years of combined experience in technology and social sectors, our team has collaborated with leaders like SEWA, Arvind Eye, and Enable India. We understand the shortcomings of conventional tech-centric approaches, especially in unique organizational contexts. Our journey includes partnerships with industry pioneers like Audible from Amazon, The King Center for Nonviolent Social Change, and various philanthropic initiatives. This coalition symbolizes our belief: social impact transcends extensive post-activity reports and thrives on continuous learning, iterative feedback, and adaptable strategies.

Our Network: A Testament to Diversity

Sopact’s network, including ASME, Talent Beyond Boundaries, Encorps, The Kennedy Center, Black Innovation Alliance, Boston Impact Initiative, and others, reflects our commitment to diverse, impactful collaborations.

Meet Our Founder: Unmesh Sheth

Unmesh Sheth, a beacon of knowledge in technology and AI, is dedicated to solving data challenges in humanity. His interests lie in providing educational material and news articles that enlighten and inform. At Sopact University, Unmesh focuses on offering informational content and research assistance, tailored to your level of expertise and privacy concerns.

Our Goal: Empowering Through Knowledge
Our ultimate aim is to equip you with the best knowledge to measure and manage social impact effectively. Join us at Sopact, where your mission becomes our commitment, and together, we redefine the landscape of social impact.

Unmesh Sheth

Meet our team

Madhu Prabhakar

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

Farhan Khan

Design Lead

Hetal Sheth


Latika Bahadur

Enterprise Solutions Manager

Ricardo Pinho

Head of Business Development

Shiji Abraham

Social Impact Leader

Unmesh Sheth

CEO and Founder

Lorena Berrón Cadenas

Product Manager

Vaishnavi Sundaresan

Social Impact Leader