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Become a Sopact Partner

Take your Impact Practice to a new level.

Whether you are helping your clients on upskilling initiatives or empowerment programs, we invite you to do more with Sopact solutions.

Is this slowing your growth?

As an impact practitioner, you might spend countless hours analyzing and reporting, juggling multiple tools to convey your impact to clients and investors. Personalizing each client's unique requirements can drain the fun from the process and cut into your margins, leaving you with less time for your family.
Spend hours in analyzing and reporting impact data from various sources.
Struggle to effectively communicate the impact of your work to clients and investors.

Introducing Sopact Partner Program.

Grow your impact measurement practices with sopact.
Manage all your clients' evaluation activities seamlessly on a single platform. Sopact Sense streamlines your workflow, enabling you to focus on what matters most—your clients.

Most importantly, you will use our proprietary and advanced onboarding process with all your clients consistently.
Say goodbye to the high cost of delivering projects. With Sopact, you can manage multiple clients economically, making your practice more profitable.

Our Partners

We take pride in our collaboration with a diverse range of partners who share our vision of maximizing social impact. Here are some of our existing partners.

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The 4th Wheel

Payal Mulchandani


CSR Consultants support Program Design, M&E Data, Impact Evaluation. And Capacity Development.

Savanna Solution

Alice Beilby


Business consultant and workforce developer connects people to employment and business opportunities through sustainable economic development.

Stage Six

Eric Oetjen

North America

Scaling high-performing social enterprises using the power of the franchise model.


Davide Dal Maso


Research, development, and strategic consultancy for sustainability, social innovation and impact.

Indiana University

Ellen Jean

North America

Promoting continued learning and solution-based interaction through The Center for Urban and Regional Excellence.


Filipe Cardoso


Evaluates the impact of a public or private intervention in the field of social change.

K+ Collaborators

Heather Conley

North America

Developing innovative strategies to create equity and inclusion for over 2 decades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team will happily answer any additional questions you might have.
Who should join Sopact Partnership?
Our Partner Program is ideal for participants seeking to manage impact for their clients and seeking to tell their own impact story. 
How can I enhance the capacity of my enterprise (including partners and funds)?
Sopact Sense is an outstanding tool for enhancing capacity, designed for quick and efficient adoption of data-driven practices. We offer tiered pricing discounts, meaning the more you purchase, the lower the cost per entity becomes. For more information, please get in touch with our Sales Team.
Do you help us build our capacity?
Sopact offers many resources, including a Sopact University that delivers practical training on Sopact Sense and best practices. Additionally, you have the option to consult with the Sopact team for further advisory services or setup personalized webinar and workshops.
What is a partnership fees?
None at the moment. We aim to keep this process straightforward. You choose one client, and we will assist you with onboarding through our intelligent onboarding or workshop. All you need to do is sign up for Sopact Sense, and you'll begin to discover the power of many unique values that can enhance your pre-sales process.
Do you help us with Impact Reporting and Impact Dashboard needs?
Our team offers professional services in design, research, comprehensive data collection, and the creation of reports and dashboards that are tailored to match your branding, available at an additional cost.
Can we partner with you on Sopact Advisory?
Our advisory team is attuned to your objectives, offering personalized guidance to expand your data management skills through ongoing support on Zoom.

Our commitment to swift communication is reflected in our policy of responding to inquiries within 24 hours via Basecamp, ensuring prompt assistance.Dedicated to your enduring success, we are consistently engaged in efforts to support your long-term achievements.

Become a Partner now.

Get started with sopact sense design partnership program and grow your impact practice all-in-one tool.
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