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Impact measurement & management made simple.

Impact Cloud® is a platform that allows funders, mission-driven organizations, and sustainable organizations to easily measure and manage their social and environmental impact.


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Funders, Grant Makers, Impact Accelerators

Support impact portfolio construction for every client with a disciplined impact management process. Demonstrate environmental and social impact, in addition to financial returns based on IRIS, GRI, SDG or other standards. Impact Strategy designed baed in GIIN IRIS+, Impact Management Project, Sustainable Development Goals SDG, and SDG Impact Certification


Social Purpose Organizations

Collect data from different stakeholders and sources using both online and offline data collection tools. Theory of change driven impact measurement framework that helps align with the sustainable development goal. Watch the video to learn more.


Save Time

Save time

No more manually inputting survey results or beneficiary feedback. Impact Cloud® collects the data you need and publishes it to your account.



With data stored securely in the cloud, there's no need to store, file, print and copy paper documents anymore.



Seamlessly import your verified data from Salesforce, Google Sheets or Excel into your account.

Offline Mobile Data Collection

Mobile Data Collection

Collect beneficiary data on-the-go even when you are offline.