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Trying to make sense of your impact data?

We’ve got you covered! Collect, transform and get insights from your stakeholder data with Sopact.

Integrate your Data
Analyze Qualitative Data
Recognize Patterns in your Data
Make sense of your data
Visualize your Data
Showcase your Data
Translate your Data
Navigate the Impact Measurement journey with Sopact.

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Choose what works best for you.

Drive Your Own Impact Analytics

Sopact Sense

Condense new and old data into quick insights on the fly. Our tool provides you with an easy interface to collect and, connect qualitative and quantitative data, and automatically analyze it to provide you with measurements in minutes.

Guided End-to-End Service

Sopact Suite

We take you from start to finish at your own pace. Our experts will guide you through the processes required for Impact Measurement. We will help you set up new practices in aspects such as: impact goal setting, definition of metrics, data collection and analysis, and impact reporting.

They achieved results with Sopact

"Now we can bring operational efficiency to show our differential value."

Kathleen Kostrzewa (she/her)
Director, Strategy, Learning & Impact

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