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Impact Measurement & Management made simple!

Impact Cloud™ is a theory of change driven platform that allows funders, mission-driven organizations, and sustainable organizations to easily measure and manage their social and environmental impact.


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All your Impact Management needs met!


Theory of Change

Step-by-step application to create or document one or multiple ToCs, including your indicators

Metrics Repository

More than 2,000 metrics from multiple standards to choose from. Mix & match with custom metrics.

Impact Portfolio

Manage your entire portfolio of Funds, Investments, Grantees and/or Projects. Collect or import data from multiple sources.

Impact Management Cycle

Get insights from your data, refine your impact framework and improve to achieve higher impact.

Due Diligence & Risk Management

Collect data and evaluate organizations’ risk for a smart resources allocation.

Reports, Dashboards, and Stories

Create impact reports with alignment to SDG, outcomes or any other framework.


Social Value International accredited application to calculate the Social Return on Investment of your projects or programs.

Impact Ecosystem

Bridge the gap between asset owners, asset managers, and assets by aligning outcomes and data…within one single platform!

Impact Cloud™ in action

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Report Builder – IMP

Webinars & Events

Meet with our team for an in-person deep-dive into the Impact Cloud™ Ecosystem!

Impact Ecosystem Challenges

The Missing Feedback Loop

The time delay between capital deployment, impact realization, understanding the outcomes, and making investment decisions based on those outcomes is excruciatingly long. 

Feedback Loop

End-to-End Feedback Loop

Now you can dynamically track your capital across all your Funds & Investments right until the last Beneficiary, which radically decreases the delay between capital deployment and insights into outcomes.

Cumbersome Risk Assessment

Assessing the impact and risk of your investments can be a very subjective process. Real measurement happens only after the capital has been deployed. 

Risk Management & Due Diligence

Predict Risk & Impact Before Investing

Build a better risk analysis and due diligence process based on the Impact Management Project or your own internal framework. Use actual impact data to decide where to allocate your resourcesbased on your strategic goals


No Portfolio Level Outcome Insights

This unavailability of insights into their portfolio's outcomes hinders Asset Managers from raising capital from Asset Owners.

Portfolio Outcomes

Track & Manage Outcomes Across Your Portfolio

Define portfolio outcomes, collect data and aggregate it, communicate your results to your Stakeholders and Asset Owners.

Expectations Of Outcomes Are Misaligned

Funders tend to define outcomes that are not completely aligned to the investees/grantees intended impact or data collection capacity.  
Expectations Alignment

Outcome-Based Ecosystem

Asset Owners, Asset Managers, and Assets share common outcomes, considering the Asset's data capacity and the overarching impact. 

SROI Requires Specialized Resources

Understanding the SROI of your projects, programs, or investments, requires a person who understands the methodology and the necessary calculations to get the SROI ratio. 

Social Return On Investment

SROI Calculator Integrated With Your Data

Just drop your data and let technology take care of the rest. Our system walks you through the process and makes all the calculations for you. 

Investor Worthiness Hard to Prove

Proving Investor worthiness is always a challenge for Social Enterprises.

Investor Worthiness

Unrestricted Impact Capital

Derive insights from our outcome-tracking platform, communicate them appropriately, and raise more capital. 

Lack of Support Systems

Social Entrepreneurs and Nonprofits have a restricted access to finance, specially in developing countries. Lack of ESG tracking infrastructure on the ground is prohibiting Asset Owners from sponsoring Impact Funds.

Support Systems

Access a Global Network

Our platform connects Asset Owners with Asset Managers and Assets around the world. Funders radically increase their capacity to accept & deploy more capital and get direct access to the organizations in need of that capital. 

Data Aggregation is Complex

Aggregating data from different organizations, projects, or systems is complex and time-consuming. 
Data Complexity

Data Management Made Easy

Just bring your data to the platform and let it take care of aggregating and analyzing it. 

Break Data Silos, Speak Global Goals

asset impact investments

Asset Based Impact Investment

Due diligence of assets, asset data management and asset data aggregation 
social impact measurement

Social Impact

Outcome Managment for Grant Maker, Impact Investor,  Nonprofit and Social Business
csr sustainability reporting


Bring buyers and suppliers together with sustainability data
CDFI and development financing impact report

Development Finance Institutes

Improve social return on investments (SROI)

In Association With

Impact Management Project
Comprehensive Implementation of IMP Project
Asia Pacific Social Impact Center
Social Value International
Certified Partner of Social Value 

Roadmap to an Impact Ecosystem

Our path to connecting Asset Owners to beneficiary and outcome data.
September 2015
Impact Cloud™ first prototype presented at ANDE Annual Conference
Impact Cloud™ Design & Development
January 2017
Released Impact Cloud™ Beta for Asset Managers
October 2017
Released Impact Cloud™ for Asset Owners
January 2018
Released Impact Cloud™ Beta for Enterprises
February 2018
Released Impact Portfolio Manager
March 2018
Released Deep Impact Network at SXSW
June 2018
Released Impact Cloud™ Connect
November 2018
Release of Theory of Change Application
December 2018
Design based on Impact Management Project, SROI, SDG, Theory of Change Scorecard
January 2019
Release Free Forever Impact Cloud - Startup

Invite other Organizations to collaborate on Impact Cloud!

Invite fellow social entrepreneurs, nonprofits, impact investors, and foundations to Impact Cloud™, we'll help them build their own theory of change for free.