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Sopact uses Impact Cloud®, a cloud-based platform, to implement your organization’s end to end impact measurement and management process.

Group 481icons (1) Strategic Align your impact strategy to the organizational goals and relevant impact frameworks
Group 482icons (1) Stakeholder-oriented Collect longitudinal feedback from stakeholders that participate in your programs or projects
Group 483icons (1) IMPACT GOALS ALIGNMENT Demonstrate and communicate your organization’s impact


  • Define one or more impact frameworks based on your organization, program and impact goals
  • Leverage our metrics catalog with 4,000 impact management indicators aligned with various standards like IRIS+ and the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Identify outcome-based indicators in alignment with the Theory of Change and the Impact Management Project framework
  • Run a collaborative framework creation process to make it more actionable
Impact Strategy


  • Define short and quick stakeholder surveys based on the 5 Dimensions of Impact From Impact Management Project
  • Conduct longitudinal surveys to track changes in stakeholders from multiple programs, experiencing different outcomes. 
  • Leverage different methods (online, offline, or SMS) and tools (survey tracker and reminder) to reach your stakeholders
  • Seamlessly connect impact data to outcome indicators
  • Enable effective data governance through granular permissions
Impact Data


  • Keep an eye on both positive and negative impact on your stakeholders
  • Demonstrate impact through interactive dashboards that provide actionable insights
  • Combine quantitative and qualitative data with visuals and rich text for a complete impact story
  • Track changes and progress over time, including baseline and post-intervention
  • Share your learnings with the appropriate audiences using granular permissions
  • Learn More: Impact Measurement
Impact Demonstration
Integrations Bring your data from various sources such as Spreadsheets, KoboToolbox, Survey CTO, and Survey Monkey to keep all your impact data in one place.  
Language support We support English, Spanish, Norweigian, French, and Portuguese.  

Your data is confidential and belongs to you. We help you keep it safe by:

  • Encrypting data at rest
  • Using SSL certificates
  • Following a security first principle in application development and deployment
  • Data storage: Country and Continent Based

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