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We meet you where you are

Whether you have been collecting data or starting from scratch, our experts offer unwavering support at any and every stage in your journey. Gain profound insights from your stakeholders through our proven methodology and exclusive Impact Measurement technology.

Start from Scratch with your Impact Strategy

We go over your program’s details and help you identify metrics that ensure your unique impact is being measured.

We help you find the most appropriate metrics for your program’s intended impact.
Our experts guide you to find what differentiates your organization from others in the same area and exploit your uniqueness.
Define impact measurement practices and goals to the future.
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Design a new impact data collection strategy.

Our team guides you over designing and deploying effective and timely surveys on our proprietary survey platform, Sopact Survey.

Pre-built question types and answer modes
Bring in all your contacts for ease of survey distribution.
Create and launch campaigns that fit your timelines.
Collect data offline.
Collect data in multiple languages.
Advanced data export capabilities.

Analyze Historical impact data you have already collected.

We help you integrate existing and newly collected impact data to calculate metrics and uncover insights with our Sopact Sense app.

Summarize data automatically and get insights from both quantitative and qualitative data.
Compare participants’ progress before and after joining your program (Pre vs Post)
Analyze data coming in different languages and display your insights in English
Apply any custom scoring logic.

Report or Create a Dashboard from Your Impact Data

Our team helps you set up a compelling report or build and publish a funder-oriented dashboard online on our custom-built BI platform Impact Cloud®

Custom-built dashboard with design and branding to fit your organization’s guidelines.
Share/embed your impact dashboard directly on your website for showcasing impact.
Provide granular access to your team to create their own charts and dashboards based on custom roles and users.