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Enhancing transparency with live global dashboards.

Motivating fellow refugee organizations with the power of live data.

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Talent Beyond Boundaries & Sopact - Pioneering Data-Driven Impact in Humanitarian Work

Background: Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB) envisions a world where displaced individuals can leverage their professional skills to migrate safely and rebuild their lives with dignity. In pursuit of this, TBB has engaged Sopact to harness the power of data in illustrating their impact.

Challenge: TBB aimed to consolidate data related to five strategic goals from diverse sources like Salesforce, Talent Catalog, and surveys to report their progress in real-time.

Solution: Sopact's data integration platform was instrumental, connecting over multiple data sources to TBB's system. With the Sopact team's expertise, TBB could integrate and map out data from various sources to the Impact Cloud database. The use of Apache Superset, a leading open-source business intelligence platform, allowed for the aggregation of data and enabled real-time reporting to partners and funders.

Results: Within four months, the collaboration led to a robust reporting dashboard reflecting real-time impact against the goals set in TBB’s 5-year Global Strategy 2023-2027. This initiative has not only improved transparency but also fortified TBB’s commitment to evidence-based interventions.

Learn More: For a deeper understanding of TBB’s mission and impact, visit their website here. Additionally, to see the real-time results of this partnership, click here.

Global Impact Catalog

Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB) is advancing its 2023-2027 strategy to facilitate skilled migration for thousands of displaced individuals.

  • A new live, interactive dashboard tracks key metrics towards TBB's strategic goals.
  • The dashboard aligns with TBB's data-driven, tech-enabled approach and is available to partners, governments, and donors.
  • It includes both quantitative data and qualitative feedback from refugees and employers.
  • Over 1200 displaced individuals have received migration assistance.
  • More than 450 have secured international job offers.
  • Over 500 individuals have relocated to countries such as Australia, Canada, Germany, and the UK.
  • The dashboard features data from various stages of the migration process, including job interview attendance and CV writing support.
  • A significant focus has been on aiding displaced Afghan nationals, with 80+ migration solutions and 50 relocations thus far.
Motivating fellow refugee organizations with the power of live data.

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The Steinman Foundation requires a centralized data system to evaluate its STEM Alliance programs' impact, as disjointed Survey Monkey responses hinder effective resource allocation and evidence-based reporting to the Board.