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"Now we can bring operational efficiency to show our differential value."

EnCorps tracks tutoring efficiency, STEM equity, and student's progress to have maximum retention and resources by collecting and unifying multiple data sources.

Key Improvements


20+ tutoring hours are optimal to increase 22 points math scores.

Learning with unified data.

How many teaching hours are needed to bring up the Math score and confidance in a middle school student from an underserved high-needs partner school?


EnCorps advocates for STEM educational equity. Anchored in the belief that traditionally under-represented students belong in STEM, it prepares STEM role models to educate and inspire students who lack equitable access to high-quality science, technology, engineering, and math education.


The EnCorps team has already adopted a data-driven approach, housing a wealth of student success information within Salesforce. In addition, they actively gather student feedback through SurveyMonkey. The formidable task was harmonizing data from various sources and spotlighting their unique value as a nonprofit STEM program, distinguishing themselves from for-profit STEM programs.

  • EnCorps endeavored to quantify its contributions to the STEM education landscape but encountered several challenges:
  • Integrating a wide range of data from disparate sources, including Salesforce, surveys, and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Identifying key performance indicators that align with their strategic objectives.
  • Delivering clear and concise reports to stakeholders, offering transparent insights into the impact of their efforts.


  • Impact Strategy: EnCorps designed a detailed impact strategy with the Sopact team and mapped data sources carefully.
  • Data Integration and Optimization: Data from various sources, including CRM systems like Salesforce and public data, were integrated using sopact’s advanced data pipeline.
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Reporting: Press releases and reports were generated to provide insights to the donors and to drive decision-making processes.


Now EnCorps tracks how its programs deliver on the promise of STEM educational equity for students who lack access to a high-quality STEM education.
This core results dashboard served as a narrative of EnCorps’ impact, supporting their mission with hard evidence such as relationships to tutoring hours and diagnostic scores is facilitating strategic planning.

Now, EnCorps keep an eye on key questions such as,

1. Does the tutor-student relationship impact learning?
2. What is the correlation between tutoring hours and math scores.
3. How does math tutoring develop “soft” skills?

EnCorps Insights with Sopact

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Credit: EnCorps Ignite Passion for STEM
EnCorps tracks tutoring efficiency, STEM equity, and student's progress to have maximum retention and resources by collecting and unifying multiple data sources.

"We needed ALL our data to learn. Now we can bring operational efficiency to achieve maximum outcome for all our stakeholders including impactful data to share with our donors. "

Kathleen Kostrzewa (she/her)
Director, Strategy, Learning & Impact

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