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Impact Management Practices, Template,  Example

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Clear Strategy
This report has a clear impact strategy and aligns with industry standards.
Mapped Data
System, research, and stakeholder data mapped to get a deeper insight.
Demonstrate impact

Enabling Vibrant Urban Living With Income Diversity


Housing Diversity Corporation (HDC) is a housing innovator dedicated to providing a forward-thinking alternative to traditional apartment living in urban. The goals of the report are,


HDC strives to improve outcomes for stakeholders in four critical areas:

  • Increased housing attainability.
  • Greater environmental sustainability and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Improved mental and physical health of residents.
  • Enriched local economy.

Key values:

  • Robust impact management with a baseline stakeholder survey.
  • By moving to impact evidence early, Capital Plus is a leader in the community development space and minimizes the lost opportunity of a new age of investments.
  • CPF can assess evidence risk (i.e., the probability of insufficient high-quality impact data) and other impact risks outlined by the Impact Management Project.
  • Opportunities such as new partnerships and product offerings.

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"Housing Diversity, is a great example of how an organization can use impact management norms in practice."