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Sopact Academy

We want to make learning about Impact management and measurement easy and interesting for you!
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Learning Series

The impact learning series is a collection of demos, customer case studies and impact experiments to guide you through a better impact measurement and management process.

Case Studies
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Introduction to Impact Management

This is your starting point before we take a deep dive. Get yourself well versed with the concepts of IMM (Impact Management and Measurement)

Impact StrategyDon’t start this journey without an impact strategy. Let Chris Gaines teach you to step by step 8 principles before you go to the investors.
Theory of ChangeLet's get into the best practices for creating an effective TOC.
Measuring Social Impact With Lean Data8 key patterns of demonstrating impact measurement - the lean data way!
Impact Management Project

Impact Management Project from an Enterprise Lens

Logic Model

Difference between logic model and theory of change? 

Effective Theory of change

Learn how to create an effective theory of change.

Monitoring and Evaluation Challenges

Does your monitoring and evaluation work for you? Start the impact reporting process through a better monitoring and evaluation process.

What is SDG Washing?

What is SDG Washing and How to prevent it?

The Future of Data Collection

Future of Data Collection & Impact Learning in Monitoring and Evaluation

Impact Metrics

Theory of Change and Impact Metrics - Monitoring and Evaluation Indicators.

Remote Data Collection
Real-time Monitoring and Evaluation with Kobotoolbox and Impact Cloud®
Social Impact Indicators in COVID-19

Monitoring and Evaluation Plan and Social Impact Indicators in COVID-19

Mobile Data Collection

Mobile Data Collection 🟡 Open Data Kit 🟢 Kobotoolbox ➡️ Continuous Impact Measurement

Impact Data Strategy

Monitoring and Evaluation Plan, Framework, Data Collection & Aggregation.

Visualizations, Dashboards & Impact Reporting
Learn how to build an effective impact reporting process that engages donors effectively. 
Outcome Tracking
 7 survey design tips to measure the outcome
Common Pitfalls
Common Pitfalls of Monitoring and Evaluation Tools 
Tips for Aligning with SDG Targets and SDG Indicators

Global Goals 🌍


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