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Impact Cloud Webinars

Revolutionize impact measurement with our tools: seamless data integration, rapid insights, customizable dashboards, and unmatched security

Measuring Impact requires a suite of products and solutions, we put them together all starting with dataForget exporting and importing spreadsheets manually. Use our inbuilt data connectors that seamlessly pull data continuously from 200+ data sources.

Online or offline, in databases or surveys, you are covered . Turn data into insights introducing our all-new semantic layer that turns data from different sources into useful insights. It takes minutes now and not days .

Want to join two data sources to calculate retention metrics longitudinally?  No worriesNeed last minute data cleanup? EasyWant to change a label in your dataset that you don’t like?

Do you have a custom scoring methodology?

 Do it in minutesCollect data in one language and want to report in another? Rules that apply continuously, improve operational efficiency by orders of magnitude

Finally, Dashboards that literally live and breathe to communicate ImpactDashboards that are connected so measuring impact continuously becomes a cinch. Use our expertise to build dashboards that are opinionated, bold, and stand for something!

Publicly share an entire dashboard Embed individual visualization on your website Unmatched security, because your data is worth it. We are not so big on sharing. Dedicated analytics infrastructure including database and the visualization engine for your organization.Encryption at rest and in transit for complete peace of mindGranular permissions in the form of users and roles to control who sees what to the last detail. We are in the business to solve problems not to build half-assed products