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Using Tech for Impact Management

How should you identify appropriate technological solutions and what should you consider when implementing it in your work? Organizations of all sizes are struggling to implement impact management at scale and across functions.

How to optimize your Theory of Change?

A practical session on optimizing impact learning from multiple data sources using multiple data collections tools. This webinar will cover how you can use knowledge + technology to collect and derive meaningful information to get deep impact insight.

Connecting the dots in impact measurement and sustainability

GREENFEST is the most significant sustainability movement in Portugal. This year GreenFest celebrated the theme of Regeneration in the environment, economy, and society. 

How to scale social impact technology for social good?

An engaging conversation with Serge Raemaekers, founder of ABALOBI, sharing his experience of scaling Technology for Good by answering 3 challenging questions :

1)What problem is ABALOBI solving?

2) Who are they solving the problem for?

3)What are they doing to solve the problems?


Moving from impact standards to impact experiments for effective social value

Long-term impact can be achieved with practical experiments and continuous improvement. This webinar is for organizations that engage directly with their stakeholders and understand their social impact evidence.

How to maximize Social Return on Investment with continuous data?

An engaging conversation  :
1) Understand the impact maturity of your portfolio of investments or programs
2) Measure your impact and improve the social impact 
3) Learn which program or investment has the most potential to scale social impact

Impact Classification and Verification

What are the best practices for impact classification and verification? Can impact classification create better accountability? Let's listen to Claudia Coppenolle from IMP+ACT Alliance...

What is the role of impact verification in impact investing?

How to ensure the impact considerations integrate throughout the investment life cycle? What are the best practices for verifying the outcomes by engaging with stakeholders?

Maximize your IMPACT with stakeholder engagement

A webinar to discuss on the importance of stakeholder engagement in designing and executing impact evaluations. An inspiring conversation with Emma Morse from  ACCION.

Who Writes Rules of Impact Measurement and Management?

Despite some progress made after working on issues for health for all, no poverty, and more equality for many years, we need to do much more to create a more equitable society and a sustainable planet. 

Theory of scaling impact by continuous listening.

A webinar series to drive a conversation throughout 2021 to improve Better Outcome through continuous learning and improvement

Designing an effective stakeholder survey

Now is the time to start listening better to end customers and beneficiaries to improve performance and scale impact.

Impact Measurement Norms for Powerful Results.

Learning how to integrate standards, use different frameworks for different sectors, and incorporate learnings from the data to make strategic decisions.

Can You Scale Social Impact with Collective Impact?

New Sun Rising is a Social Impact Accelerator that strengthens capacity and makes funding accessible to change-makers. 

Measuring Social Impact is a Contact Sport.

"The largest benefits related to improved measurement practices are those that captured the voices of an organization's constituents."-David Bonbright, Keystone.

System thinking in Healthcare to achieve Health equity

The Mary Black Foundation believes that health and wellness are basic human rights. The Foundation uses its resources to advance health equity. 

Can we measure the social impact of Shared Value?

Building a community of leaders who are activating their potential for impact so that everyone can realize their possibility and live a life of dignity.

Global Goals - How can we prevent SDG Washing?

A conversation with Ben Carpenter, CEO of Social Value International. SVI is a network of networks, united by a shared mission to change the way the world accounts for value.

M & E Framework --> Moving from Output to Outcome

"Food For The Poor" works to uplift poor children, families, and communities in need by providing basic essentials, and opportunities for long-term development.

SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth ► Impact Measurement and Progress Out Poverty Index

Upaya: Our mission is to create dignified jobs for the poorest of the poor by building scalable businesses with investment and consulting support. 

Scaling Social Enterprise - Impact Investor Lens

SI2 is an impact-first investment fund with a European scope scaling innovative social businesses with funding, access to markets, and expertise. 

SDG Goal 13 UN ► Scaling Social Impact at Sierra Gorda ► Climate Reporting of Biosphere Reserve

Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda (GESG), a federal government declared protected area and UNESCO proclaimed World Biosphere Reserve was one of the organizations contributed.

Opportunity Zone and Community Development

Providing Affordable Housing & Financing for Families, Inclusive Communities : An inspiring conversation with Eric Donnellly about listening to stakeholders.

Impact Management Project and Lean Data ▶ Sara Olsen

Impact Management Project is critical in impact evidence and impact reporting. Stakeholder voice engagement is vital to gathering impact evidence.

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