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From Survey to Insight | June 4th, 2024 9:00 AM PDT | Register Now

Leave the days of costly, ​lengthy and intimidating ​Program Evaluation behind!

Finally, a tool that makes Impact Measurement ​a realistic goal, even if you are a one-person team. Sopact Sense brings ease of use, fast results, and affordability to ​your workflow like never before.
Get the answers you need in minutes, not months!

What is the SENSIBLE approach to Program Evaluation that Sopact offers?

Sopact Sense is a fully automated platform that allows you to run all program evaluation activities without the hassle of hundreds of hours, data analyst skills, or costly tools. Analyze all your quantitative and qualitative data with our IMPORT, REPORT, and DONE approach.

AI-generated Thematic Analysis

Sense identifies categories out of open feedback and quantifies them for you.
AI generated thematic analysis

Custom Thematic Analysis

Define themes based on your program's objectives and have it analyzed in minutes not days.
Custom thematic analysisAdd deductive keywords

Automated Progress Tracking

Easily measure your program's success over time
Automated progress tracking

What data does sense use?

Sense is able to connect to, analyze and update data coming from Google Sheets or Sopact Survey data.

Google Sheets

Import your historical data by connecting Sense to your Google Account.
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Sopact Survey Included with your Sense subscription.

Included with your Sense subscription.
Use Sopact’s State of the Art Survey to answer all of your data collection needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sopact Sense analyze open-ended survey data?

Sense uses ML algorithms to recognise patterns within long-format text, such as feedback, satisfaction, and other open-ended types of responses. It will automatically provide the most common keywords/themes as categories and quantify the frequency in which they are mentioned by your stakeholders.

Can I define my own keyword/category analysis?

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Is Sopact Survey available in offline mode?

Does Sopact Survey have multi-language capabilities?

Can Sopact Sense handle multiple languages?

How does Sopact Sense handle data privacy and security?

What if I’m not satisfied with Sopact Sense?

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How do I use Sense insights for reporting?

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