Impact Strategy

Don’t start this journey without an impact strategy. Let Chris Gaines teach you to step by step 8 principles before you go to the investors.

Measuring Social Impact With Lean Data

8 key patterns of demonstrating impact measurement - the lean data way!

Theory of Change

Let's get into the best practices for creating an effective TOC.

Impact Strategy

If you are a startup and want to raise capital, where do you start?

Business canvas or Business Plan You start with step by step business plan and iterate them through a lean startup approach and go on to build the most successful pitch deck before you raise capital.

8 Principles for Building Impact Strategy

Theory of Change

Are you looking to build a theory of change for social impact? Do you want to learn about the difference between Outcome vs Output?

Foundation of Social Impact

Impact Management Project

Impact Management Project from an Enterprise Lens

Logic Model

Sachi Shenoy, Chief Impact Officer and Cofounder of Upaya Social Ventures Explains Logic Model

Logic Model explained by Sachi Senoy

Effective Theory of change

Learn how to create an effective theory of change.


Impact Evaluation

Measuring Social Impact the Lean Data way!

Impact Metrics

Impact Metrics

The Future of Data Collection

Future of Data Collection & Impact Learning in Monitoring and Evaluation

Remote Data Collection

Real-time Monitoring and Evaluation with Kobotoolbox and Impact Cloud®

Social Impact Indicators in COVID-19

Monitoring and Evaluation Plan and Social Impact Indicators in COVID-19

Mobile Data Collection

Mobile Data Collection 🟡 Open Data Kit 🟢 Kobotoolbox ➡️ Continuous Impact Measurement


Monitoring and Evaluation Challenges

Monitoring and Evaluation Series

Monitoring and Evaluation Plan, Framework, Data Collection & Aggregation

Visualizations, Dashboards & Impact Reporting

Learn how to build an effective impact reporting process that engages donors effectively.

Effective Impact Reporting

Outcome Tracking

 7 survey design tips to measure the outcome

7 survey design tips to measure the outcome

Common Pitfalls

Common Pitfalls of Monitoring and Evaluation Tools


What is SDG Washing?

 There are two ways to define it:

  • One situation occurs When companies are making a profit by doing well on one SDG but are concurrently doing harm on other SDGs.
  • The other involves businesses who talk about their commitment to SDGs, yet don’t have any data to back the impact reports. In other words, they’re all bark and no bite...

What is SDG Washing and How to prevent it?

Tips for Aligning with SDG Targets and SDG Indicators

Global Goals 🌍


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