Your needs, your pricing

We know every organization is unique. Please schedule a call and tell us more about your impact goal.  We will go over challenges and the Impact Cloud® solution in the call. 




Get ready with initial deployment and onboard your team, train and improve impact strategy on an ongoing basis.

Our Customer Success team has experience across sectors and segments, providing you support to identify ongoing impact data trends and deliver insights that will turn your impact measurement and management process more efficient.

Price: Depending on organization size and subscribed apps

Format: collaborative online sessions

Who is this for?

If you subscribed to Impact Cloud® you'll have access to an onboarding process that will support you and your team. Whoever within your organization is involved in impact measurement and management, and project and investment management, in general, should participate.

When and how does it take place?

Onboarding takes place as soon as you've completed your license agreement and our Customer Success team will work with to kick-off. Generally, onboarding takes place online and may last from a couple of days to some weeks, depending on the implementation timeline.

What is going to happen?

Our Customer Success team will request you all project/portfolio historical data for import as well as indicators and necessary calculations to configure Impact Cloud® to your needs.
Together with historical data import and configuration, training will take place according to a pre-established program to equip you and your team. You'll always have the opportunity to view our Knowledge Base and reach our support via online chat on the platform and website.


Impact Reporting FastTrack


This is a flexible program designed for both early-stage ventures or matured businesses aligned with impact goals.

These organizations often have excellent impact evidence or goals but are not able to communicate impact effectively.  Our experienced team of impact practitioners will review your data sets and based on your goals will build an impactful report for your investors or donors.

Price: $5k-$10k depending on scope and budget

Format: 1-1 online sessions

Who is this for?

Both early-stage ventures or matured businesses who have already collected impact data at beneficiary level and/or asset level and are looking for solutions to communicate impact with stakeholders.

When and how does it take place?

Fasttrack Impact Reporting will kick-off once you subscribe and through 1-1 sessions, our Customer Success team will engage with you to understand the timeline, the theory of change, data available and impact goals.

What is going to happen?

With 1-1 sessions, our Customer Success team will co-create an impact report after collecting from you the following information:

  • Impact Goals
  • Theory of Change
  • Indicators
  • Data Strategy and Results

The data you provide will support the reporting alignment to Sustainable Development Goals and other applicable frameworks.

We plan 2-3 iterations of impact report based on a template initially agreed between us.

Impact Strategy Fasttrack


Our experienced team will guide you to develop an impact strategy with the theory of change, indicators, and surveys. In order to align with Sustainable Development Goals and/or Impact Management Project, we will identify current data or forecast impact, and support in the monetization of social impacts to assess value with Social Return on Investment.

Price: Depending on the scope. Talk to us.

Format: 1-1 Strategy Sessions & Capacity Building Workshops 

Who is this for?

Organizations across the spectrum of capital who are looking to align with Sustainable Development Goals and Impact Management Project but are still finding their way across frameworks and indicators.

When and how does it take place?

Our team engages generally online and supports you in defining a strategy from scratch. By making impact management actionable, we will put together a timeline to analyze, strategize and deliver tools and results aligned with your goals.

What is going to happen?

Depending on the scope, sessions may include:

  • Impact thesis
    Design Theory of Change or Five Dimensions of Impact (IMP) based on impact goals and company-specific metrics and reporting process
  • Impact risk assessment
    Build a scorecard and evaluation process for organizations to evaluate and mitigate impact risk
  • Data collection strategy
    Build an effective plan for stakeholder data collection and build surveys to measure the outcome at beneficiary or asset level
  • Social return on investment
    Research financial proxies for outcome valuation. Definition of stakeholders, and inputs to build value map to assess SROI

Impact Insights Technology Solutions


Sopact team has qualified data strategy, architecture, and technology capacity. Our team has more than 100 years of accumulated experience in the technology space. Work with us to develop customized impact data management and analytics solutions based on full-stack technology and Salesforce.

Price: Depending on the scope. Talk to us.

Format: 1-1 online collaborative sessions

Who is this for?

Organizations who are looking to develop and customize existing tools and integrate with external sources to improve workflows and business efficiency. Either you look for analytics solutions to take your proprietary framework to the next level, data management solutions for ESG and impact-related data we can provide a solution for you.

When and how does it take place?

Once you ask for a custom-designed prototype, our data science and sustainable finance experienced team will co-create a solution according to your requirements. Our team will work with you in a series of sessions to build and validate a scalable technology solution to improve impact insights, to collect data from different sources, produce analytics and report in a seamless manner for you and for your clients.

What is going to happen?

Our team will support you to define business and technology requirements to achieve the custom data analytics you look for. For example:

  • Customized Dashboards, SDG Tracker & Analytics
    Design based on the technology solution open source and cloud-based technology platform
  • Proprietary frameworks and Social value monetization
    A simple, intuitive interface lets you calculate the impact of your investments and portfolio with your existing frameworks, calculations, and visualizations
  • Data Cleansing, Dedup, and Migration
    Provide a complete data warehouse solution for your enterprise


Let us know if you need support on your Impact Strategy or Impact Report, or 

ask for a custom-designed prototype to meet your internal requirements.


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