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Impact Maker for Outcome Management

Demonstrate evidence to all stakeholders



4 Projects & Users, 10K Records
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  • Theory of Change
  • Project
  • Data Management
  • Integrated Survey 
  • Outcome Management
  • Analytics
  • Impact Reporting
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Impact Knowledge Graph

  • Theory of change
  • Global Impact Metrics Catalog
  • Custom Metrics
  • Impact Thesis
  • 5 Dimensions: Impact Management Project
  • Data Strategy
  • Create or use a shared impact knowledge graph
Project & Data Management
  • Results Entry
  • Data Management
  • Import data from different sources

Outcome Mapping

  • 200+ Outcome Map Library (Coming Soon)
  • Built-in Survey
  • Compare results from a different period
  • Cohort data analysis
  • AI-driven qualitative analysis


  • Dashboard
  • Rich Visualizations
  • Templates for External Reporting

Impact Scorecard 

  • Automatically build funder specific reports
  • Impact Scorecard
  • SDG Alignment
  • Impact Management Project Alignment
  • Build  powerful impact reports

NOTE: There is an additional cost for setup and onboarding based on overall data aggregation

Impact Manager for Funder & Development Organizations

For Early Stage Funds to Large Deployment, Starting At..



5 Internal Users, 50 External Partners
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  • Theory of Change
  • Portfolio Management
  • Results or Impact Data Collection
  • Results Tracker
  • Analytics
  • Impact Reporting
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Impact Knowledge Graph

  • Out of box Impact Themes (Coming Soon)
  • Theory of change
  • Global Impact Metrics Catalog
  • Custom Metrics
  • Impact Thesis
  • 5 Dimensions: Impact Management Project
  • Data Strategy
  • Create or use a shared impact knowledge graph
Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio - Investee, Grantee, Projects
  • Project Profile

Results or Impact Data Collection

  • Assign Core, Program and Investee/Grantee specific metrics (Important Feature)
  • Import Results
  • Partner Data Entry
  • Self Data Entry
  • Baseline, Target, Actual

Results Tracker

  • Track Result Collection
  • Notification
  • Reminder and Thank You email templates


  • Dashboard
  • Rich Visualizations

Impact Report

  • Templates
  • Impact Map 
  • Impact Scorecard
  • SDG Alignment
  • Impact Management Project
  • Story Builder


External Users

  • Onboarding, Optimization & Setup Fees Extra
  • Ask us about a lower price for 5 partners or less
  • External Partners above 50, $3 per external partner
  • External Partners above 100, $2 per external partner



Build Your Solution

Customized Solutions To Meet Your Needs
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Our solutions architect team will work with your team to design flexible solutions that meet your enterprise impact data management needs
  • Grantor and Grantee Solution
  • Investors and Enterprise Solution
  • INGO Data Rollup Solution
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Solution
  • Impact Advisory Portfolio Management & Reporting
  • ESG-Impact Advisory Solution
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API & Integration
  • External CRMs
  • Custom Integration
  • Reporting APIs
  • OAuth Solutions
Data Management
  • Reference Table
  • Formula
  • Look up Services
M & E 
  • Logframe
  • Workflow
  • Staging data
  • File & Image Storage & Restore

Impact Advisory

  • Impact Advisor Client Login
  • Impact Advisory Client Reporting

ESG-Impact Advisory

  • Integrate with a sustainability data provider
  • Private & Public Equity Portfolio Management

Offline Data

  • Any Offline Data
  • SMS (Twilio)
  • Voice (Twilio)


 Get ready with initial deployment within 2 weeks.  Onboard your team, train and improve impact strategy on an ongoing basis.

Impact Report
Impact report with company/project profile, a theory of change, impact strategy, SDG Alignment with impact scorecard (past data or forecast)

Impact Maker for Small Organization
Prepare one impact knowledge graph (theory of change, impact indicators, impact thesis, data strategy), prepare one project, 3 data sources, analytics & reports

Impact Maker for Outcome Management
Prepare one impact knowledge graph (theory of change, impact indicators, impact thesis, data strategy), prepare 2 survey design and formula to measure outcome, prepare one project, 3 data sources, analytics & reports

Impact Manager
Prepare one impact knowledge graph (theory of change, impact indicators, impact thesis, data strategy), customize portfolio, import portfolio, setup results collection, and reporting



Impact Strategy & Reporting FastTrack

This is a flexible program designed for both early-stage ventures or matured businesses aligned with the social impact objectives.  These organizations often have an excellent social impact history or goals but not able to communicate impact effectively.  Our experienced team or impact practitioners will guide you through a structured impact strategy - theory of change, indicators, surveys, identify current data or forecast impact results, align with impact management project, and build an impactful report for your investors or grantors.

Price: $5K-$10K depending on scope and budget. A report based on Canva.

Advance Professional Report Designer is possible (Additional Price)

Format: 1-1 Strategy Sessions & Capacity Building Workshops 

Define goals, process and outline analysis, and strategy development approach. Agree on the timeline, give/get from both sides.

Impact Strategy
Based on the Impact Cloud, develop impact knowledge graph.

  • Theory of Change
  • Impact Statement
  • Impact Thesis
  • Indicators
  • Data Strategy

Research Reporting Framework
Research the most applicable reporting framework for the area of impact. Identify frequently used impact indicators and align with impact organization.

Data & Survey
Work to identify data and survey required to complete reporting requirements.

Report Design
2-3 iteration of impact report design.

Recommendation Future
Recommend future state impact management process

Advance Impact Strategy & Services

Build solution for more advanced topics such as impact management project process, impact due diligence, survey design, outcome maangement system, social return on investment (SROI)

Price: Talk to us

Impact Connector

Seamless connect results between Asset Owner, Asset Man, ger and Assets

Impact Management Project
Design five dimensions of impact based on external and company-specific metrics and reporting process.

Impact Due Diligence
Design scorecard-based approach to evaluating impact investments

Organization or Grantee Health Capacity
Build scorecard and evaluation process for foundations to evaluate risk and program alignment

Survey and Outcome Management
Build an effective survey management process to measure the outcome of stakeholder and cohort

Social Return on Investment
Research financial proxy or wage for different jobs. Define cost and benefit ration based on social return on investment

Data Strategy, Analytics & Technology Solutions


SoPact team has qualified data strategy, architecture, and technology solution services. Work with our qualified team to develop customized data management and analytics solutions based on full stack technology and Salesforce.

Salesforce Development & Integration
Develop and customize existing Salesforce development and integration with external solutions

Customized Dashboards, SDG Tracker & Analytics
Design based on the technology solution open source and cloud-based technology platform

Impact Calculators
A simple, intuitive interface lets you calculate the impact of your program based on your internal calculations

Data Cleansing, Dedup, and Migration
Provide a complete data warehouse solution for your enterprise



Build a comprehensive & flexible impact solutions

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Impact Knowledge Graph?

An innovative & structured knowledge graph allows to publically available & often standard based (such as GIIN) impact themes and strategy.   Before you start, select the right publically available Impact Knowledge Graph (IKG) and modify to meet your specific impact.  IKG will save months worth of strategy building and help you move in data management and reporting path fast!

More details can be found here: https://www.sopact.com/impact-strategy

What is Impact Theme & Strategy?

As impact investment grows many investors and entrepreneurs are looking to properly define impact strategy for their area of impact.  Impact themes such as affordable housing, impact source, energy etc are foundational. Each of these areas can ultimately employ a different strategy to demonstrate its impact.  SoPact Impact Cloud uses well-defined themes (often provided by standard bodies) and augments with Impact Knowledge Graph to simplify data strategy and reporting.

Who uses Impact Knowledge Graph (Free Product)?

Are you early-stage social impact startup or nonprofits or business?  Do you need a robust impact strategy?  Then this tool is for you.

Designed to be used individually or with impact practitioners?   Impact Practitioners set up a workshop or work 1-1 with prospective clients, coach clients and take them through a journey of impact reporting and data-driven roadmap.

What can you do?

1. Build an organization-specific impact strategy

2. Build a product and company impact strategy

3,  Build an investor or funder impact strategy

4. Build country-specific results tracker such as SDG Tracker by Goals


Who uses Impact Reporting?

If you are an early stage social impact startup or nonprofit, this product is for you. Use impact report designed by the platform to raise impact capital fast!

What is Impact Manager?

Impact Portfolio & Data Aggregation Platform for Impact Managers to lead.  Designed for impact investors,  grantmakers, social accelerators/incubators, development finance organizations, public agencies, and program monitoring. Key functionalities are Due Diligence, Theory of Change, Investment Portfolio, Investee/Grantee Data Aggregation, Analytics and Impact reporting 


 Impact Measurement & Management for Funders


What is Impact Maker?

Comprehensive Impact Measurement - Lean Data, Impact Learning & Reporting Platform. Designed for social enterprises, nonprofits, and small & growing businesses. Key features are: Theory of Change Driven, Advanced Data Management, Outcome Management, Powerful Data Analytics, Impact Reporting, Social Return on Investment


Impact Maker-2

How is Impact Maker different from data collection & data management solutions?

Most enterprises and nonprofits working with program data may be collecting program, beneficiary and stakeholder data.  These data can be managed in case management, program data, operational data, offline mobile survey or an online survey or cloud-based platforms such as .NET and Salesforce.  Impact Cloud does not replace any data collection system.  Impact Maker acts as a simple data warehouse solution that integrates data from an external system based on intelligent field mapping. 

What is a difference between Impact Maker and Impact Manager?

Impact Maker is a simplified data aggregation and warehousing solution for enterprises, mission-driven organization that can primarily collect program, operation, stakeholder and beneficiary data.  On the other hand, the Impact Manager is designed for funders and development finance organization that want to build a collaborative relationship and collect results of program funding.

Why Impact Manager should introduce Impact Maker to Enterprises?

There are four mechanisms to collect results from grantees and investees.

1) Import

2) Email - Investee/Grantee Report Results

3) Self-data entry

4) Sync

We believe that most of the funder's first inclination is to use email options, we highly recommend they use "Sync" options with few limited enterprises.  Here is why!

1) It's Free

2) The same effort for results reporting

3) Enterprise can see historical results

4) Create unlimited TOC, data collection and reporting for different funders (Upgrade required. SoPact can provide bulk pricing through Impact Manager)


What is Outcome Map Library?

Outcome Map Library is a publicly available outcome measurement out-of-box social impact assessment tools. SoPact Impact Maker seamlessly integrates the most popular outcome.  The feature is in early beta. So, we will prioritize according to our customer's primary needs.

How to use the SROI application?

SoPact SROI application certified by Social Value International is designed based on the most comprehensive stakeholder data management application - Impact Maker.

Ask for a custom-designed prototype to meet your internal requirements.


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