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Donor Impact Report

Join us as we highlight the transformative power of design in creating a better world.

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Clear Strategy
This report has a clear impact strategy and aligns with industry standards.
Mapped Data
System, research, and stakeholder data mapped to get a deeper insight.

Donor Impact Report

A donor impact report is a yearly publication that showcases the positive impact an organization has made in the communities it serves. This report highlights the achievements, challenges, and plans of the charity, and provides a transparent look at how donations are being used to make a difference.

Designing an impact report can be a daunting task, as it requires visually appealing design elements and a clear and concise presentation of information that effectively communicates an organization's or project's impact. However, whether you are creating a report for a non-profit, government agency, or corporate entity, the design of your information can play a crucial role in its effectiveness. In this article, we will share expert tips on how to design an impactful report that effectively communicates the impact of your work and inspires action.

In the following report, we design 

Donor Impact Report Process
Demonstrate impact

Donor Impact Reporting Example


Indians for Collective Action is a charitable organization to support sustainable development in India by partnering with dedicated non-government organizations (NGOs) and individuals.


  • Provide Seed Funding and support to NGOs in India
  • Support training of volunteers for community work in India
  • Encourage future social activists and community leaders to work in India
  • Enable inter-NGO collaboration
  • Involve local communities (U.S.)

Key values:

  • All historical data to have robust impact learning.
  • ICA is accountable to its stakeholders.
  • Opportunities such as new partnerships to maximize impact.
  • ICA can now assess evidence risk. (i.e., the probability of insufficient high-quality impact data) 

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"Indians for Collective Action is a great example of how an organization can use impact management norms in practice."