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Founder Story


The Importance of Impact Measurement and Management; with Unmesh Sheth





Impact Measurement & Management Made Simple

For everyone at SoPact, our vision is to make the world a better place through co-creating a globally accepted impact measurement and management framework streamlining cross-sector efforts. In 2015, our journey started with a mission to connect the social sector with technology to facilitate more transparent social impact measurement, management and communication.

Today, we are not only empowering the social sector but all sectors across the spectrum. With our SaaS Platform, we are enabling companies to measure, manage and communicate impact easier. We are bridging the gap between beneficiaries on the ground and the decision makers on top. 

By utilizing technology to organize, uncover, assess and manage data, we are turning capital into high impact investments. Impact, that can be tracked until the last beneficiary of the system. This will make it easier to manage risk of negative or unintended consequences as well as give power to influence changes in behavior, organizations and systems, policies, capacities, social norms and awareness.



Future of Impact Measurement
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