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Innovative data science based on 7+ years in social sector and 30 years in technology innovation.  Passionate about technology integration based on real need of mission driven organization.  Well balanced experienced and passionate team ready drive change in new frontier of philanthrophy.

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Company Background

In 2015, SoPact embarked on a mission to build software designed with the social sector in mind that would enable more transparent and accurate social impact assessment.

Today, the TurboMetrics Platform for impact management is a system we are deeply proud of, and we haven't stopped there. Our Impact Lab technology consulting services have designed custom applications and enhanced organizations' use of Salesforce and other data management tools through integration services. 

Alliances we've formed in the sector with research institutions and social impact practitioners has enabled us to combine our knowlege of technology with social impact expertise. We are translating this knowledge into our Lean Impact Measurement framework eBook series. We've come a long way in two years, and this keeps us particularly optimistic for the future. 


SoPact's fusing of technological expertise with working towards a better world runs deep within its fabric. Founders Unmesh Sheth and Hetal Sheth grew up surrounded by poverty in India where they were immersed in the challenges facing marginalized communities. These experiences remained embedded within them as they went on to forge successful careers in the tech-centric Silicon Valley.

In 2012, after 25 years of a successful career in technology, Unmesh became the tech advisor for a large nongovernmental organization (NGO) back in India. Insufficient technological tools meant that the data behind the organization's valiant efforts remained hidden - along with valuable information that held the key to realizing inefficiencies of programs as well as proof of positive impact. It was clear that the immense growth in the field of technology had not been translated for the social sector - a sector that both founders believed to be where it is most needed. With that realization, the vision of SoPact was born.

Five years on, and SoPact's team has grown, attracting technological experts and social sector professionals who understand the potential for technology and functional data for bettering the world. Today, SoPact works with all types of social sector entities like foundations, nonprofits, impact funds, and others to realize their impact by utilizing technology to uncover, organize, and assess their data. SoPact's mission was to unleash technology's potential for all types of social sector organizations and wanted to reflect this in the product offerings. 



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