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Innovative Impact Measurement: TBB's Real-Time Data Dashboard

Innovative Impact Measurement: TBB's Real-Time Data Dashboard

Innovative Impact Measurement: TBB's Real-Time Data Dashboard in Partnership with Sopact.

The dashboards developed by Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB) in collaboration with Sopact provide unique value through their design and functionality, focusing on real-time data integration, alignment with TBB's strategic framework, and comprehensive data insights:

Credit: Talent Beyond Boundaries

Real-time Data Integration

These dashboards are uniquely designed for continuous synchronization with TBB’s systems, like Salesforce and the Global Talent Catalog. This ensures that data, including survey feedback from partners and candidates, is always up-to-date, providing a live view of TBB's operations and impact.

Credit: Talent Beyond Boundaries

Alignment with Strategic Framework

Each dashboard is meticulously aligned with TBB's results framework, ensuring that the data presented is not only accurate but also relevant to TBB's strategic objectives. This alignment facilitates focused analysis and informed decision-making.

Credit: Talent Beyond Boundaries

Comprehensive Data Insights

The dashboards offer a mix of quantitative and qualitative data, presenting a holistic view of TBB's impact. This includes detailed survey results and individual comments, enabling a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of TBB's programs.

Credit: Talent Beyond Boundaries

For more detailed information, please visit the Talent Beyond Boundaries website here.

The blog post on Talent Beyond Boundaries' website discusses their innovative impact measurement approach through a live, interactive dashboard developed in partnership with Sopact.

This dashboard, aligning with TBB’s data-driven and transparent ethos, offers both quantitative and qualitative insights, including direct feedback from program participants.

It tracks key metrics towards TBB's five-year strategic goals, revealing significant achievements such as assisting over 1200 displaced people, securing international job offers for 450 candidates, and facilitating the relocation of more than 500 people to various countries. For more details, you can visit the page directly here.

Embedding and Sharing

Impact Cloud, which is based on Apache Superset, offers robust embedding and sharing capabilities for data visualizations and dashboards. This feature is integral for organizations looking to integrate these insights into their own websites or applications, facilitating wider access and collaboration. For a practical demonstration of how embedding can enhance a website's functionality and user engagement, I invite you to explore the embedding feature in action on Talent Beyond Boundaries. This site showcases how effectively integrated data visualizations can provide real-time, interactive insights to a broad audience, enriching the user experience and extending the reach of impactful data.

Learn More: Impact Dashboard

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