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Impact Strategy

Measuring Impact correctly requires a thoughtful process of designing the right framework. Sopact holds your hand through it.

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Get started with strategy

Impact measurement and management in three steps

Step 1

Design an impact experiment.

Forget about spending months discussing a Theory of Change with so many metrics that ultimately become so complex that it is unmanageable. 

We help you identify your key outcomes and key metrics to get started immediately and iterate as you learn from your data. 

Our promise:

Take the time to understand your business and impact goals.
Help you identify key outcomes and the associated stakeholders.
Help you define key metrics and map them to the outcomes.


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Step 2

Identify your sources of data.

We help you leverage the data that you already have in your current systems and map it to the key indicators. If new data needs to be collected, we help you figure out the right tool and method according to your stakeholders’ context.

Identify your sources of data.
Map the existing data to the key metrics.
Identify what data is not being captured.
Help you design stakeholder surveys.
Help you collect stakeholder data.
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Step 3

Align to the Five Dimensions of Impact.

This framework by the Impact Management Project allows you to collect the most relevant data around Who is your stakeholder, What outcomes they experience, How much impact they experience, the Contribution of your organization to that impact, and the potential Risks.

Our Promise:

Ensure that all the data collected aligns with the Five Dimensions of Impact.
Use the Five Dimensions of Impact to demonstrate your outcomes and tell your impact story on the dashboard.


Impact Management

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