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Making Iris Actionable-02

Making IRIS+ Actionable

Build Actionable IRIS+ Portfolio in the shortest time. Most flexible, comprehensive and easy to use platform for Asset Owners, Asset Managers, and Assets

  • Due Diligence
  • Portfolio Management
  • Results Collection & Tracker
  • Impact Scorecard
  • IRIS+ Decision Analytics
  • Stakeholder Voice
  • Portfolio Financial and Social Impact Maturity

In Association With IRIS+ and Impact Management Project

iris+ and impact management project

IRIS+ Impact Themes to Actionable Impact Management for your portfolio in the shortest time


Asset Owners - GP

Build funds of funds, provide due diligence process and rate your investment portfolio for impact management goals
Asset Managers or Impact Funds

Asset Managers - LP

We help you assess if your portfolio is focused on avoiding harm, benefiting stakeholders or contributing to solutions
Impact Advisory

Impact Advisory or Marketplace

Personalize impact portfolio for every client, provide portfolio performance risk, return and impact and share individualized reports
Making IRIS+ Actionable

Impact Themes

Start with IRIS+ impact themes and configure portfolio impact strategy

Build due diligence process based IRIS+ Start with WHO and WHAT and customize scorecard based on subjective or rule base evaluation process before the final selection process. Design and customize impact data aggregation strategy.

Select WHAT outcomes the enterprise is contributing to and how important the outcomes are to stakeholders


Impact Strategy-03

Impact Strategy

Build Your Impact Strategy

For the portfolio, investment, and core metrics
Metrics Catalog – 9

IRIS+ and Custom Impact Framework

Configure IRIS+ and Custom Impact Framework

  • Use our global metrics repository to quickly identify your indicators 
  • Align with IRIS+  Core Metrics
  • Add Custom Metrics with a qualitative and quantitative mix
  • Align with SDG Goals and Targets 
Impact Manager

Portfolio Management

Design Public & Private Portfolio

Evaluate whether an enterprise’s and/or investor’s efforts resulted in outcomes that were likely better than what would have occurred otherwise.

  • Build an impact scorecard for a transparent and accurate accounting of what happened as a result of investment
  • Monitor regular progress of pre-agreed upon investments metrics
  • Monitor positive and negative outcomes

Aggregate Results From Partners

Flexible Results Data Aggregation

Aggregate due diligence results, ad-hoc results and results collection based on predefined frequency such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual.

  • Collect results through file import from template
  • Collect results automatically from partners through email and partner login
  • Organization self-entry
  • Direct sync from Impact Maker

Results Tracker

Monitor reporting from each individual partners 

  • Look at the overall progress
  • Send reminders & thank you notes




Listen to Stakeholder's Voice

Artificial Intelligence & IRIS+ to Incorporate Stakeholder Voice

WHO experiences the outcome and how underserved they were prior to the enterprise’s effect

  • Artificial Intelligence Driven Approach For Qualitative Analysis 
    • Interviews
    • Survey
    • Reports
  • IRIS+ Stakeholder Design
  • Identifying stakeholders or beneficiaries who will benefit and establish an impact baseline
  • Aggregate results through online, offline survey, or external data to establish a better outcome of the program. product or services


Manage social, environment and finanical risks

HOW MANY stakeholders experience the outcome, what degree of change they experience, and how long they experience the result.

Enterprises can collect data from their stakeholders after the investment at a pre-agreed period with the investor.  

  • Survey: Use out of the box surveys such as progress out of poverty or create a custom survey
  • Outcome results: Score results at a pre-defined interval
  • Output results: Aggregate results from your external data sources, Impact Maker surveys, or other systems
Impact Maker and Manager-01

Share Results between Assets and Asset Managers

Streamline results between multiple Assets and Asset Manager

Align impact framework between asset managers and assets. Reduce aggregation and verification time and create a master dashboard.

  • Agree on core-metrics and portfolio level metrics and seamlessly
  • Share results between asset managers and assets
  • Aggregate results at the asset level and share results