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We want to be data-driven from the day one of our Gender Lens Investing (“GLI”) initiative.

Kuramo Gender Lens Investing Initiative Designed to catalyze the next generation of African female-led and diverse funds with gender-diverse investment teams.

Key Improvements


Fund Managers in Moremi Accelerator Program


Fund Managers with majority female-led senior management

The fastest way to unlock capital for female entrepreneurs and gender-smart businesses at scale is to invest in female- led and gender-diverse fund managers.

The Kuramo Foundation for Sustainable Development (KFSD) initiative is comprised of three distinct platforms – The Moremi Accelerator Program, Warehousing Facility, and Moremi Fund, underpinned by a common shared network.


Moremi Accelerator is a dedicated program focused on providing institutionalized training through a structured curriculum, technical assistance, and mentoring for early-stage female fund managers. The KFSD worked internally to have a robust impact framework. This Impact Framework supports MAP in advancing its impact objectives by serving as a practical guide and implementable tool for actively monitoring, measuring, and reporting on Impact performance and ESG goals.

Sopact engaged to make impact framework actionable and operationalize it with data strategy along with data collection and analytics. In the first phase, all the data collected manually were brought in the Sopact Impact Cloud to map all the indicators on the the dashboard. As the activities of KFSD progresses and training under the accelerator program (MAP) moves forward, the data for Access to funding for female fund managers, Gender equality, and Entrepreneurial growth will come into the dashboard for all the internal and external stakeholders to review and act on.

In Progress

Sopact team and KFSD team will work together to have all the data for the important and decision making indicators come to the dashboard.

The process will help,

  1. Enhanced Decision-Making in the System Change Activities: By leveraging impact data, KFSD to make informed decisions. This means that resources can be allocated more efficiently, interventions can be optimized for greater effect.
  2. Improved Transparency and Accountability: The use of data-driven approaches increases transparency and accountability for donors and funders. By systematically collecting and analyzing impact data, we will ensures that program outcomes are clearly reported and accessible, thereby building trust with donors, beneficiaries, and partners.
  3. Customized Insights for Strategic Growth: The insights generated from impact data are tailored to the specific needs and contexts of each cohort. This customization allows KFSD to identify unique opportunities for scaling their impact, uncover potential areas for collaboration, and refine their program models based on evidence.
Kuramo Gender Lens Investing Initiative Designed to catalyze the next generation of African female-led and diverse funds with gender-diverse investment teams.

At KFSD, we think that data is crucial for bridging the $42 billion gender finance gap in Africa!

Efe Braimah
Program Director

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