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To become data-driven, we need to learn from all our qualitative and quantitative feedback quickly and continuously!

ICF Foundation is accelerating and amplifying social system change through coaching.

Key Improvements

5 languages

one data insight in English

7 countries

one reporting dashboard
Empowering our team and partners.

ICFF equips professional coaches and organizations to accelerate and amplify impact on Sustainable Development Goals. The ICF Foundation is on mission to create a measurable positive outcome with coaching to address social challenges.


Measurable outcome learning need structured data and quick analysis to motivate more leaders and to promote social change. They were collecting data in Qualtrics but the data is in multiple languages and it was taking a long time to analyze and categorize the open feedback questions to make informed decisions regarding coaching material. Having data also helps in preventing drop off of their stakeholders and attract more leaders to join the program.

How to have clean, continuous data and learn from it quickly?


Sopact Sense (Data Strategy and quick insight): ICFF engaged with Sopact team and realigned the strategy to their mission, especially incorporating amplifying SDGs through capacity building in leaders of the social purpose organizations. All the data is connected to see qualitative analysis

Sopact Survey (Data Collection): Using Sopact survey now ICFF is collecting data in four languages and from seven countries. All the data is coming in seamlessly, translated in English, and open feedbacks are categorized for program leaders to learn from alongside all the quantitative data.

Impact Cloud (Dashboard): Ready to share dynamic dashboard with all the insights.

How can impact data help Capacity Building Nonprofit?

  1. Using the insight in the board meeting presentations.
  2. Attract more prospective funders using the transparent impact data insights.
  3. Bringing data insight to their partner organizations.
  4. Opportunity to update coaching modules. Data such as what goals are important and are participants achieving them.
  5. Data for the coaching experience help improve delivery methods and material.
  6. Reporting to standards such as UNSDG.
  7. Preventing drop off and increase retention of the leader participants.
  8. Growing by attracting more and more organizations asking for coaching to increase operational capacity of their leaders.
  9. ICFF can be a valuable contributor in promoting social change.
ICF Foundation is accelerating and amplifying social system change through coaching.

ICFF prepares leaders to motivate and communicate their team to amplify social change. We must listen to our leader participants without language and data insight challenges so we all grow together.

Kathleen Lihanda, MBA, COEC
Director, Social Impact

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