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"Now our insight is dynamic and our investors are active part of our impact journey. For us, less time to report and more time to be impactful!”

Double Delta is on its way to automate data collection and reporting. It will increase operational efficiency to deliver maximum value for sustainable businesses and investors.

Key Improvements




less time in reporting

Double Delta is committed to positively impacting the world. They create partnerships with their clients and journey alongside them to maximize the impact of their investments.


As a Fund Manager, Double Delta manages sizable Funds and has multiple investors. Collecting data and reporting to investors requires many hours from the team on top of due diligence and other fund management activities—engagements with Sopact in automating reporting exemplify their dedication to sharing their positive impact with all stakeholders. As an Eco-system builder, Double Delta needs to have operational efficiency,  serve all the stakeholders better, and bring new investment opportunities to the table through data-driven decision-making capacity. 


  1. Data Integration and Optimization: Data from various investees were integrated to have collective insight.
  2. Impact Cloud dashboard: Data visualized with stories in a branded dashboard for sharing.


Branded Dashboard: Storytelling with all the insight is ready to share with all the dynamic investee data by Fund with present investors and prospects.

Empowered Fund Managers and Investment Teams: Double Delta has Fund level dashboards to learn and share with the internal team and external stakeholders.

How data help driving sector-wide change

Sopact's work contributes to a broader pedagogical shift in the social impact sector. By showcasing the power of data-driven decision-making and learning, it encourages other organizations to adopt similar approaches. This sector-wide change amplifies the overall social impact, as more organizations become equipped to measure, understand, and enhance their contributions to societal challenges effectively.

  1. Improved Transparency and Accountability: The use of data-driven approaches increases transparency and accountability for stakeholders involved in or affected by social impact programs. By systematically collecting and analyzing impact data, Sopact ensures that Fund and investment outcomes are clearly reported and accessible, thereby building trust with investors, investees, and partners.
  2. Capacity Building for Impact Measurement and Management (IMM): Sopact's focus on social impact learning from impact data serves as a pedagogical tool for organizations. It not only provides them with the data they need but also builds their capacity in impact measurement and management. This educational aspect helps organizations to internalize these practices, leading to a culture shift towards continuous improvement and learning.
Double Delta is on its way to automate data collection and reporting. It will increase operational efficiency to deliver maximum value for sustainable businesses and investors.

Sharing dynamic investee data dashboard with investors enhances our ability to attract investors for future funds.

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