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How do we know that we are achieving sustainable economic growth?

From affordable housing to investing in community, we are learning with Sopact.

Key Improvements

5+ years

of impact learning

4+ years

of impact reporting
Including Capital Plus Financial and PPP reports.

We care to build a resilient, engaged and supported workforce.

Crossroads Impact Corp sought to answer the question, How do we know that we are achieving sustainable economic growth? Are our investments remain on the path of sustainability and inclusion? We started our journey with Sopact as Capital Plus Financial, CDFI working in the underbanked communities. We are continuously learning with Sopact.Our shareholders and stakeholders are now looking forward to an impact report every year!


Crossroads Impact Corp faces the intricate challenge of aligning its investment strategy with stakeholders' interests, incorporating indicators like job quality, financial inclusivity, and environmental impact. This requires meticulous attention to impact and financial factors across all stages of the investment process, from sourcing to exit, making their impact management a deliberate and ongoing endeavor.


  1. Data Strategy: Sopact helped mapping the frameworks and standards relevant to the Crossroads Impact Corp. Collected and integrated data from all the investees. Mapped them with the investment due-diligence and post investment impact on ESG metrics using various standards and reporting frameworks such as ESG Data Convergence Initiative (EDCI) and GIIN-IRIS.
  2. Impact Reporting: All the data was analyzed and visualized using Impact Cloud. Company branded impact report with research, standards alignment, and impact data to share with stakeholders and shareholders every year.

How can impact insight help impact investors?

  1. Using the insight in the shareholder meeting presentations.
  2. Attract more prospective investors using the transparent impact data insights.
  3. Bringing data insight to their investees at different stages.
  4. Frame and provide non-financial support by learning challenges of the investees.
  5. Reporting to standards such as ESG Data Convergence Initiative (EDCI), PRI, and GIIN-IRIS.
  6. Complete the compliance reporting for the standards or benchmarking.
Example 2023 Learning Highlights
  1. >50% of the portfolio is owned by either women/POC/veterans
  2. 33% of the portfolio reports that one out of two senior leaders are women
  3. 60% are tracking employee turnover
  4. 86% offer flexible and remote work policy
  5. 76% have an anti-harassment policy
  6. 71% have an anti-discrimination policy


Impact Alignment and Reporting: Storytelling with all the insight is ready as an impact report to share with present investors and prospects. Having a transparent impact reports authenticate the conversation with the internal team and external stakeholders.

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From affordable housing to investing in community, we are learning with Sopact.

"Our unwavering commitment to impact drives us and our partners, leading to a $223 million year-over-year increase in environmental and social loans. Collaborating with Sopact empowers us to create real, measurable change for those truly making a difference in our communities." -Eric Donnelly, CEO and director.

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