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Action on Poverty supports high-impact programs that address the root causes of poverty and build more resilient communities.

Action on Poverty is the trusted partner for changemakers creating a better world.

Key Improvements

Integrated development projects

in 14 countries.

Managing data from
8 programs

Building more resilient communities by supporting high-impact programs.

AOP connects philanthropists, corporates, non-profits, and innovators with developing communities and local NGOs across Africa, Asia, and the Pacific to break the poverty cycle.

AOP's specialty is creating networks, maximizing resources, and upskilling people and organizations to make lasting changes together.


AOP operates across a broad spectrum of critical global issues, spanning 14 different countries and managing a diverse network of partners across 8 core program areas, with a particular emphasis on Food and Water Security and Climate Resilience, Livelihoods and Economic Empowerment, Governance and Social Accountability, and Health, including Public Health.

The organization faces significant challenges in the collection and management of data, given the vast geographical spread and the variety of thematic areas it covers. Each project, unique in its scope and objectives, generates a wealth of impact data essential for reporting to various funders and donors. Compiling, harmonizing, and analyzing this data to not only report on AOP's overall impact but also to understand the nuanced, granular effects of individual projects, presents a formidable challenge.

The complexity demands sophisticated data management capabilities.


AOP partnered with Sopact to develop a comprehensive impact data measurement framework. Sopact's Impact Cloud platform helped AOP structure its data collection from all the projects and integrate data from multiple sources, including stakeholder surveys, program data, and financial data.

AOP now has built 20+ dashboards of individual projects with the help of the Sopact team and shared them with respective stakeholders for transparency and accountability.


  • Continuously track the progress of projects in real time.
  • Identify areas where their programs have a significant impact.
  • Make informed decisions about how to allocate resources and improve its programs.
  • All project data is in one place. Easy to report to its relevant internal and external stakeholders.
Action on Poverty is the trusted partner for changemakers creating a better world.

AOP has become a driving force in creating innovative solutions and lasting impact. We are witnessing the power of making small impacts that have far-reaching effects on SDGs related to health, education, sustainable livelihoods, and more.

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