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Actionable Impact Management Framework

Looking to build your social impact measurement framework?

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A step-by-step process explained from Groundworks to Impact Reporting.

social impact measurement framework - actionable impact management ebook

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Published in collaboration with Melbourn Business School & Asia Pacific Social Impact Centre



Theory Of Change & Groundworks

Unlimited Theory of Change, and Metrics Integration for enterprises, grant makers, and impact investments.
Global Social Impact Metrics Repository

Social Impact Metrics

Search & Assign metrics to your enterprise, grant makers, and impact investments from the largest metric repository on the internet!
Data Strategy

Data Strategy

Step by step guide to improve data collection for an outcome, survey and application.

Reports & Storytelling

Seamlessly aggregate and report outcomes to your investors monthly, quarterly, or annually. 
Groundwork, Theory Of Change, Mission & Vision - Impact Management Framework

Theroy of Change

Theory Of Change & Impact Measurement

What is the social impact measurement framework?

Social impact measurement framework allows a mission-driven organization to provide a step by step approach to a clear impact thesis, impact map between partners, data capacity, data collection and demonstrate impact effectively. The social impact assessment process should start with volume one: Groundwork will facilitate the necessary discussions and documentation for your organization to establish an impact framework.

  • Vision, Mission, and Goals
  • Program Structure
  • Theory of Change
  • Managing Change

Future Update
Trends from Impact Management Project
Terms clarification between Theory of Change, Logic Model, LogFrame, Logical Framework, Impact Thesis

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Metrics and Social Indicators in Impact Framework

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Metrics & Social Impact Indicators

How to find outcome metrics?

Outcome metrics are foundations to aligning impact goals between funders, intermediaries and grantees/investee. Volume Two: Metrics continues our journey from Volume One: Groundwork. The guidebook will facilitate the necessary discussions and documentation for your organization to select meaningful and practical metrics.

  • Measure What Matters

  • Aligning with Standard Metrics

  • Securing Enduring Metrics 

  • Metrics Data Pipeline 

Future Update

  • Design considerations
    • Symmetric vs. Asymmetric
    • Standard Only, Custom Only or Hybrid
    • Qualitative vs Quantitative
    • Cross-Linking
    • Cross-Alignment
  • Tieing survey data with outcome
  • Best practices in corporate sustainability responsibility (CSR) metrics selection
  • Best practices in charity metrics selection
  • Best practices in impact funds & small growing business metrics
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Go to Data Strategy - Impact Measurement Framework

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Data Strategy

How to improve data capacity?

Data capacity of each impact players is critical to successful impact management strategy. You need a different strategy for asset owners, asset managers, and assets.  In Volume Three: Data, your organization will discover how technology might be leveraged to collect reliable and credible data on the outcome-oriented metrics selected.

  • Data Capacity

  • Data Tools

  • Data Strategy

Future Update
Streamlining data from assets to asset managers and finally asset owners

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Impact Communication Framework

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How can impact communication help you become innovative?

Social impact management allows a mission-driven organization to provide a step by step approach to a clear impact thesis, impact map between partners, data capacity, data collection and demonstrate impact effectively.

Volume Four: Communication connects back to the first volume to tie the final bow on Actionable Impact Management. In this final volume, we explore methods for communicating your organization's impact story with correct metrics, transparent data, and minimal tools.
In this volume 4, you will learn what you should consider in communicating your organization’s work, intended social impact, learnings from the field, and shortcomings.

  • Evaluation
  • Storytelling Approach
  • Quality Principles
  • What to include in the impact report
  • Reaching the audience

Future Update

The process of communication is perhaps going to disrupt impact management. Savy impact entrepreneurs will use effective communication instead of traditional fundraising approach.

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Integrate stories from the field with powerful visualization that allows an optimal strategy for impact reports.  Raise capital by through more impactful report & social media


Theory Of Change & Impact Statement

Build a robust groundwork for starting your impact journey through step by step wizard-based guide

Social Impact Metrics

Step by step guide to pick the social impact metrics for your investments, programs and initaitives

Data Strategy

Define a strategy for application, outcome and survey for all your programs


Communicate your social impact with powerful narrative, systematic alignment standards and visualizations