Monitoring and Evaluation Software for Impact Learning

Monitoring and Evaluation Software for Impact Learning

Amplify your grants or investment through our intelligent M&E and impact learning platform.

For grant-makers, INGO, international development organizations, and Nonprofits.

Innovative M&E Software and Impact Learning Solution for Foundations, Nonprofits, and INGO


Logframe & Impact Framework

LogFrame & Flexible Indicators

Create your own Theory of Change and provide access to your grantees to create their own ToC and metrics.  Logframe &  Flexible Metrics Framework


Data Collection & Tracking

Align goals, outcomes, and indicators at the program or portfolio level. Collect or self-report relevant data.


Impact Learning & Reporting

Aggregate and analyze your outcome data, create dashboards and reports for individual grantees or across your portfolio. 
Integrate Project Management

Integrate Project Management

Flexible integration & notification system with any external project management solutions

Document & File Storage

Aggregate a large set of document and image data in a cloud storage with a rapid search and use
Donor Data Aggregation

Reduce Distance between Donors & Programs

Align data aggregation at each hierarchy with decentralized organizations and rapidly aggregate program data
Decentralize and Hierarchy Data Aggregation

Large Data Volume

Simplify data verification, streamline reporting for each level, rapid data staging and verification
Grantee Health Due Diligence

Budget Tracking

Ability to link budget tracking for restricted funding and
grants and match to monitoring and evaluation activities.

Operation Health & Grantee Capacity

Capacity Assessment

Grantee, Program, and Organization Capacity

Start with Impact Statement, build a complete theory of change and identify metrics.

  • Start building a theory of change 
  • Align with sustainable development goals and targets or custom goals, targets (or strategy)
  • Build a complete impact map
  • Identify standard metrics from global metrics repository for external communication such as  grants
  •  Define custom metrics with a broad range of qualitative and quantitative reporting formats

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Metrics Catalog – 9

Flexible Framework

Logframe & Flexible Indicators

Build a flexible log frame-based approach and flexible indicators and align indicators with SDG

  • Log frame cascade/hierarchy with the goal, objectives, activities, indicator
  • Add meta tags for each log frame so that they can
    be filtered, sorted and related indicators aggregated.
  • Flexible indicators with TOC steps, a broad range of qualitative and quantitative reporting formats, and the ability to enter baseline, target, actuals, and forecast (configurable)

Investment Portfolio – 1

Monitoring & Evaluation Project Portfolio

Program Performance Monitoring

Build impact framework to based on SDG Goal/Target aligned approach or internal customize goal/strategic approach.  Customize additional documentation aligned with the goal

  • Select metrics from global metrics repository or custom metrics
  • For customized metrics appropriately configure reporting format for dynamic form
  • Assign indicator specific to a grantee
  • Aggregate historical results, grantee reporting through an online portal, self-reporting or direct sync from Impact Maker

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online and offline data mobile data collection

Aggregate External Data

Data Collection Methods & Aggregation

 Aggregate, store, synthesize and extract relevant quantitative and qualitative programmatic data that includes

  • Grantee-Level: strategies, outcomes, indicators,  assessment of their grantee health, geographic location(s), financial data
  • Program and Portfolio-Level: Strategies, goals, outcomes, indicators, and relevant operational and grants data
  • Field-Level: The landscape of organizations, third party or macro-level indices related to our work evolutions to civic space and political environments in strategic countries or jurisdictions of interest

The strategic goals will be used by impact framework for further evaluation.

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Document & File Storage


Image & Document Storage, Access & Reporting

Before and periodically funding an organization, grantees and other units can aggregate images, documents, access them and use them in any reporting function.

  • Upload GIS images, photos with jpg/png/gif and
    videos with MP4/WMV format and
  • Store documents at a project level
  • Archive documents at a project level.
  • Use meta tags to track documents across projects.
  • Search and retrieve uploaded document/artifacts
    easily. (Robust Search).
  • Each activity to have its own photo gallery,
    allowing you to store images/videos? in any format, along
    with captions, date, and other metadata.
  • Each activity to have its own document library,
    allowing you to store any kind files, organized into folders

Decentralized Data Aggregation

Hierarchical Offline & Online Data Aggregation

Flexible data collection and aggregation architecture allows 

  • Collect results from many different data sources
  • Offline Survey
  • Online Survey
  • Aggregate results and country or region level
  • Synchronize results at the top level for a faster reporting

Reporting & Dashboards

Innovative & Automated Impact Reporting

Flexible reporting, dashboard, and automated impact scorecard for actionable reporting

  • Ability to report quarterly, annually, every 2 years, or other
    custom timeframe.
  • Ability to have a custom fiscal year 
  • Flexible report builder and templates to create quarterly
    or impact reports for different stakeholders like funders,
    board members, internal staff, etc. (Impact Reporting)
    Ability to export query results or reports to Excel or
    CSV format.
  • Ability to do flexible reporting with ad hoc queries. Choose an item.
  • Ability to automatically generate documents from a
    library of standard forms that are automatically
    populated with activity information (names, dates,
    contact information, and budget amounts).

Operational, Project & Grantee Data Aggregation for M&E

Impact Measurement Complexity

Each grantee or project needs an impact measurement strategy that is unique to their context
Theory of Change

Innovative Theory of Change & Metrics

Define a Theory of Change for each grantee or project and find the core metrics that are common across your portfolio, as well as the theme-specific metrics

Data Islands and SDG Alignment

Often programs, countries, and initiatives have data sitting in multiple systems. Ultimately, this data needs to be aligned to Sustainable Development Goals or SDG indicators
SDG Alignement

Seamless SDG Alignment

Map your data and metrics to SDG, SDG targets, and SDG indicators. Create your custom metrics or select metrics from the best-known standards. 

No Portfolio Outcome Insights

This unavailability of insights into their portfolios outcomes hinders Asset Managers from raising capital from Asset Owners.

Portfolio Outcomes

Track & Manage Outcomes Across your Portfolio

Define portfolio outcomes and measure their progress through core metrics.

Report Design Challenges

Most organizations scramble to build compelling impact report that is easy to communicate based on powerful narrative, story, output & outcome results
Report Builder

Innovative designer

Innovative drag-and-drop mechanism to add stories, data, charts, images, and maps.  Powerful story building through qualitative and quantitative results.  Communicate your results through social media or your website to raise capital. 

Impact Risk Assessment Impossible

Assessing the Impact Risk Assessment of Long-Term Investment Capital Deployment is Impossible

Impact Risk

End-to-End Insights

With detailed data-driven insights into your entire portfolio until the nth level, manage & assess risk easily across all asset classes.

RCTs are Expensive

RCTs are expensive and unfeasible for most organizations.

RCTs are Unaffordable

Aggregate any data set

Now run insights from any & all relevant data sets that you can get your hands on! 

Expectations of Outcomes are Misaligned

It is very common for Investors & their Investees to be very misaligned over the expected Outcomes of their businesses & investments. 
Misaligned Expectations

Outcome Based Relationships

Now Investors & Enterprises can be aligned towards the same outcomes that they believe in.