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"Our collaboration with Sopact equips Social Entrepreneurs with advanced tools and technology."

Key Improvements

How to build an ecosystem of social entrepreneurism creating innovative and sustainable solutions by continuously improving and not just proving themselves to the customers and investors?


Miller Center is building an entrepreneur-centric ecosystem for more than 25 years. They have understood that it is essential for the growth and success of social enterprises. By creating long-term relationships, leveraging technology, and fostering collaboration, the ecosystem can provide entrepreneurs with the support and resources they need to make a lasting impact.

A core function of Impact Accelerators is to improve the impact measurement and management capacity of social enterprises. This involves developing robust methodologies to track and evaluate the social and environmental outcomes of their initiatives. Accurate impact measurement is vital for attracting investment, guiding decision-making, and ensuring accountability.

Brigit Helms, Miller Center for Social Enterprise 

Let's hear from Brigit Helms, Executive Director on the role of Impact Measurement and Management, the role of IMM in impact investing, and our partnership.  Growing a social enterprise requires timely impact data to make strategic decisions and communicate with investors. Sopact gives your organization credibility for raising capital.


Miller Center has accelerator programs for early-stage SE and deep dive programs for Alumni SE such as short-term investment, leadership development, and organizational capacity-building. Miller was looking for a thought leader IMM partner to build impact data capacity of supported Alumni Social Entrepreneurs in 2021 for content as well as technology solutions.


Sopact brought structure to their IMM capacity building program.

  1. We co-designed the course modules and leveraged Sopact Video content.
  2. Miller Center and Sopact engaged with Alumni IMM cohorts as strategic advisors to steer them through Theory of Change and Impact Data Strategy.
  3. Many Social Entrepreneurs used Sopact Impact Cloud to collect and learn from data to become data-driven meeting the Miller Center's objectives.


Sopact and Miller Center built organizational capacity of 100+ SEs to enable sustainable impact and attract funding. Sopact delivered webinars, workshops, and short courses, as well as self-serve curriculum and resources, including3-part Data Webinar Series to several cohorts. Sopact team gives valuable input to growing SE regarding impact data management and use of it as Business Intelligence.

Partnering with platforms like Sopact can significantly enhance the capacity of Impact Accelerators. Sopact, with its sophisticated tools and methodologies, provides a comprehensive framework for impact measurement and management. This partnership can lead to more efficient data collection, analysis, and reporting, ultimately strengthening the overall impact of the social enterprise ecosystem

How measure social impact of social enterprise (Case Studies)

Data-driven, deal-ready: partners aim high with impact management programme for 300 social ventures

In this informative article by Anna Patton on Pioneers Post, learn how data-savvy entrepreneurs are connecting better with customers and building healthier businesses. However, many social startups struggle with technical know-how. Discover how the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, in partnership with Sopact, aims to revolutionize this by positioning itself as a leading hub for social enterprises eager to enhance their impact management skills. A must-read for those interested in the intersection of social entrepreneurship and data proficiency..

Sopact Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship Partnership
Sopact Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship Partnership

Social Enterprise Accelerators focus on scaling the impact of more established social enterprises. They play a crucial role in connecting these enterprises with investors, providing advanced mentorship, and facilitating access to larger markets. This stage is critical for enterprises looking to amplify their on a broader scale. To understand how Miller Center works with their impact ecosystem, let's look at the following article.

"Mushrooms and ‘mamapreneurs’: how data makes a difference" -

Explore the intriguing story of how solid impact management systems are transforming the lives of rice farmers in Vietnam and toddlers in Kenya, as showcased by the social enterprises Fargreen and Kidogo. This article by Anna Patton delves into the complexities and successes of using data to drive meaningful social change. A captivating read for anyone interested in the power of data in enhancing social entrepreneurship, it offers valuable insights into real-world applications of impact management. Discover more about these transformative approaches at Pioneers Post​​.

Fargreen: "Mushrooms and ‘mamapreneurs’: how data makes a difference" -

Presentation from Gravity Water - IMM cohort from Miller Center

Miller Center IMM partnership presentation

Miller Center Case Study by Unmesh Sheth-Ektta Team

"As Ecosystem builders, Miller Center aims to foster growth of Social Entrepreneurs on a foundation of continual learning and tangible impact demonstration.Our collaboration with Sopact equips Social Entrepreneurs with advanced tools and technology, shifting their focus from proving to actively improving their impact. "

Brigit Helms
Executive Director

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