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"Discovering automated insights was a game-changer."

Now TKC team can get instant insight from all the qualitative and quantitative data without using any technical knowledge or any time in analyzing.

Key Improvements


Global and US Stakeholder voices collected and analyzed


Students will be reached (Jan 2024) and counting!

Nearly one million people each year make pilgrimage to the King Center, a National Historic Site, to learn, be inspired, and pay respect to Dr. King's legacy.


Established in 1968 by Mrs. Coretta Scott King, The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change (“The King Center”) has been a global destination, resource center and community institution for over a quarter century.


Multiple programs and surveys created data silos in Qualtrics. Manually downloading, analyzing, and reporting from scattered data was very time consuming and prevented to have quick learnings from data to make informed decisions.

Lack of time and data engineer/analyst in the team prevented them from getting deeper and quick comparative insights.

TKC never analyzed qualitative data even though they collect it due to lack of resources and tools.


TKC partnered with Sopact to establish a robust impact measurement framework for all of their programs. The Sopact team provided needed guidance in defining impact indicators and metrics aligned with non-violence principles and program Outcomes.

Qualtrics was replaced by Sopact Survey that is seamlessly integrated with Impact Cloud so all the Pre and Post surveys over the months from different programs come directly to Impact Cloud.

Sopact Sense was enabled to learn from all the qualitative and quantitative data without any technical knowledge in the team.


Four programs have Outcome strategy, metrics and data for team to learn continuously what is working and not.

TKC team is saving valuable time in downloading or analyzing data for reporting.

New opportunity to learn deeper and faster with Sopact Sense. New research initiatives are added.

How Sopact is driving sector-wide pedagogical change

Sopact's work contributes to a broader pedagogical shift in the social impact sector. By showcasing the power of data-driven decision-making and learning, it encourages other organizations to adopt similar approaches. This sector-wide change amplifies the overall social impact, as more organizations become equipped to measure, understand, and enhance their contributions to societal challenges effectively.

  1. Enhanced Decision-Making: By leveraging impact data, Sopact empowers organizations to make informed decisions. This means that resources can be allocated more efficiently, interventions can be optimized for greater effect, and strategies can be adjusted in real-time based on data insights. This leads to an overall increase in the effectiveness and impact of social programs.
  2. Improved Transparency and Accountability: The use of data-driven approaches increases transparency and accountability for stakeholders involved in or affected by social impact programs. By systematically collecting and analyzing impact data, Sopact ensures that program outcomes are clearly reported and accessible, thereby building trust with donors, beneficiaries, and partners.
  3. Capacity Building for Impact Measurement and Management (IMM): Sopact's focus on social impact learning from impact data serves as a pedagogical tool for organizations. It not only provides them with the data they need but also builds their capacity in impact measurement and management. This educational aspect helps organizations to internalize these practices, leading to a culture shift towards continuous improvement and learning.

Now TKC team can get instant insight from all the qualitative and quantitative data without using any technical knowledge or any time in analyzing.

"Gathering open-ended feedback was always part of our routine, yet it remained untouched—until now. Discovering automated insights was a game-changer, enabling real-time analysis and dynamic discussions during trainings."

Kelisha B. Graves, Ed.D.
Chief Research, Education, and Programs Officer

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