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"We are now moving faster in understanding impact of our programs."

SoPact has implemented an Outcome Tracker dashboard for improved internal reporting and resource allocation.

Key Improvements


Alignment Ratio of common Impact Goals


Impact data coverage
Measure economic development programs

Learn how Audible uses data and technology to measure the impact of its CSR strategy and improve its programs. Discover the results and progress they've made.


Audible is the largest audiobook producer and retailer in the United States. Audible is committed to using its platform to make a positive impact on the world and has identified three pillars of business core value: Race, Equity, and Economic Empowerment of the community.


Audible wanted to develop a robust impact measurement process to track its progress towards its goals and make strategic and informed decisions about its programs and initiatives. However, Audible's programs were not aligned to a common goal and their impact data was siloed across multiple systems and difficult to access and analyze.


Audible partnered with Sopact, to develop a comprehensive impact measurement framework. Sopact's Impact Cloud platform helped Audible define their impact indicators and metrics in alignment with their business and impact goals and enabled them to integrate data from multiple sources, including stakeholder surveys, program data, and financial data from internal data sources.


  • Continuously track progress towards their impact goals in real time
  • Identify areas where their programs have a significant impact
  • Make informed decisions about how to allocate resources and improve its programs
  • An Output & Outcome tracker dashboard which aggregates data across various programs to report to their relevant internal and external stakeholders.

Audible's innovative approach to Equity, Racial Justice, and Economic Empowerment

Audible, an Amazon subsidiary company uses an innovative approach to expand its community initiatives to advance equity, racial justice, and economic empowerment that benefits both employees and the community.

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Special Feature - Sopact
SoPact has implemented an Outcome Tracker dashboard for improved internal reporting and resource allocation.

" Eventhough it took us some time to align all our activities to company goals and defining metrics around them, we are now moving faster in understanding impact of our programs. Our team conversations have moved from why do we need to collect all these data to how can we get more data that is useful for us to learn more!"

Eric NeSmith Jr
Economic Impact, Data Analytics

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