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Community Impact Report

Transform your community outreach efforts with Sopact's innovative report technology.

community impact report
Clear Strategy
This report has a clear impact strategy and aligns with industry standards.
Mapped Data
System, research, and stakeholder data mapped to get a deeper insight.

Community Impact Report

In this community impact report, we will explore how Sopact's reporting solutions can help organizations better understand and improve their impact on the communities they serve. With actionable insights and data-driven recommendations, Sopact empowers organizations to make informed decisions and drive positive change in the world.

Designing a community impact report can help organizations to evaluate the positive and negative impacts of their programs and initiatives on the community. Here are the steps to create a community impact report:

  • Define the purpose and scope of the report: This involves determining the objective of the report and what type of information is relevant to include.
  • Collect data: This involves gathering data from various sources such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, and secondary data sources.
  • Analyze data: This involves analyzing the data collected to identify patterns, trends, and relationships.
  • Visualize data: This involves presenting the data in a clear and meaningful way using graphs, charts, and maps.
  • Write the report: This involves synthesizing the findings from the data analysis and presenting the results in a clear and concise manner.
  • Review and revise: This involves reviewing the report to ensure that it meets the objectives, is easy to understand, and includes all relevant information.
  • Publish the report: This involves publishing the information in a format accessible to the intended audience.
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Boys to Men Tuscon

Community Impact Report Example


The Healthy Intergenerational Masculinity (HIM) Initiative (Boys to Men Tucson) is a grant-funded project born from the dreams and aspirations of a coalition of community partners who are committed to cultivating more healthy embodiments of masculinity, opportunities for school and community-based intervention work, and men’s engagement.


  • Increase BIPOC Mentorship
  • Influence Systems and Policy Change
  • Expand Capacity
  • Training and Education

Key values:

  • Robust impact management with a baseline stakeholder survey.
  • By moving to impact evidence early, HIM Initiative is a leader in the mentorship space.
  • HIM Initiative can assess evidence risk (i.e., the probability of insufficient high-quality impact data) and other impact risks outlined by the Impact Management Project.
  • It strengthens and builds new partnerships.

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"The Healthy Intergenerational Masculinity (HIM) Initiative, is a great example of how an organization can use impact management norms in practice."