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Unmesh Sheth

Deep understanding of bottom-up and top-down data trust challenges in high impact philanthropy and impact investments.

2024 Vision: Pioneering a New Era in Nonprofit Impact

Nonprofit Impact Management

Prediction 3: 2024 Shifting Focus On Impact Management Capacity

Enhancing Social ROI: The Essential Role of Building Impact Management Capacity in Your Portfolio.

Prediction 4: 2024 Feedback Analysis Will Become Must

Master actionable insights through effective feedback analysis. See how it's distinct and saves time.

Prediction 1: 2024 The Year of Automated Impact Management

In 2024, impact management has evolved to a point where organizations not only hold their data but also excel by using actionable insight

Prediction 2: SROI will evolve into a model of continuous learning and improvement.

Time to revaluate how Social Return On Investment (SROI) works in 2024: A Data-Driven Perspective

Prediction 5: 2024 The Rise in Social ESG: A Major Trend

Discover 2024's Major Trend: The Rising Significance of Social ESG in Business Practices

Empowering social mission with nonprofit data analytics

Explore how nonprofit data analytics transforms decision-making and impact in the nonprofit sector.

Impact investments measurement best practices

Best practices for measuring the social impact of impact investments by impact investors for better decision making and social returns.

Revolutionizing social impact measurement with lean data management

How lean data management is a future of impact driven growth?

The UN Sustainable Development Goals: A Global Convergence

Learn about the UN sustainable Development Goals

How to Calculate Social Return On Investment (SROI)

Social Return on Investment (SROI) offers a comprehensive approach to measuring and impact reporting the value created by calculating SROI

Common pitfalls when using IRIS indicators (and how to avoid them)

Impact investment metrics IRIS indicators serve many functions, principally to let you know how well you are serving your beneficiaries.

Ensuring quality SDG measurement for all 17 SDG

Master the art of Ensuring Quality SDG Measurement across all 17 SDG Goals for impactful, global change

New age of nonprofit theory of change to automate impact insight

A good nonprofit theory of change model is the first step towards creating the impact an organization aims to bring.

8 effective phases of impact data management

Explore the power of impact data for social good. Learn how data shapes society, communities, and individuals to drive positive change

Streamline IRIS impact measurement and management

Streamline IRIS impact measurement implementation with Impact Cloud and report your results based on impact accounting guidelines.

SDG 11 target and indicators

Advancing urban progress: Understanding and implementing SDG 11 targets and indicators in community development initiatives

Monitoring and evaluation challenges

Learn more about monitoring & evaluation challenges and how to overcome them define the most common obstacles and gives practical solutions

Learning stakeholder impact through impact data analytics

Why do we need effective impact data analytics? Learn about lean data analytics to improve continuous learning of social sector.

Five dimensions of impact for actionable result

Discover how sopact's integrated Impact Cloud empowers investors to assess and communicate their impact across the five dimensions of impact

Community development - CDFI impact measurement & reporting

Community development financial institutions (CDFIs) in measuring and reporting achievements

New approach of nonprofit program evaluation

Make nonprofit program evaluation achievable for even one-person team

Demonstrate impact through effective stakeholder impact analysis

Stakeholder impact analysis evaluates how actions affect diverse groups, focusing on responsible, sustainable outcomes.

Beyond theory of change worksheet

Transform your impact goals into action with our Theory of Change Worksheet and Sopact's impact management software.

Theory behind social impact experiments

Explore impact with social impact experiments: concise controlled methods to gather direct evidence from stakeholders for informed outreach.

5 Social enterprise challenges hindering their growth

Exploring the top challenges facing social enterprises and their growth

Demystifying social impact management

Understand the differences between social impact management, impact measurement, program reporting, and storytelling

ESG social impact: achieve real change with sopact

Discover how Sopact leverages ESG Social Impact metrics for actionable results. Transform intent into genuine, measurable social change

Purposeful social impact analytics

Data-Driven Change: harnessing the power of purposeful social impact analytics

Social impact real estate: investing in properties with purpose

Social impact real estate requires effective impact measurement and management - step by step guide to driving effective affordable housing

Understanding social impact data science

Understand the impact of your actions on society with Sopact's social impact data analysis. Get started now

Storytelling for impact: unveiling value and evidence

Learn the power of storytelling to reveal value and evidence for maximum impact. Join us on a journey of impactful narratives

Power of impact measurement for sustainable social enterprise

Four excellent sustainable social enterprise examples of using impact data as business intelligence to scale innovative and sustainable solu

Strategies for effective social enterprise impact measurement

Social enterprise impact measurement: Oorja helps small farmers in India improve their livelihoods.

Building a cost-effective salesforce data warehouse for nonprofits

Optimize Salesforce data for nonprofits economically.

Importance of data for nonprofit growth: the untapped reservoir

Learn the importance of data for nonprofit organizations to new heights. Unearth how data-driven decision-making.

Explore top social impact measurement methods with sopact

Unearth effective social impact measurement methods and understand their implementation with Sopact's comprehensive platform.

Data-driven social impact: innovative survey data analysis tool

Elevate your social impact with data-driven insights. Explore our innovative survey data analysis tool for transformative results.

4 Game-changing reasons for measuring impact in nonprofits

Explore key metrics and strategies in nonprofit impact measurement to drive meaningful outcomes

How to measure impact of a program

Discover how to measure impact of a project through effective data strategy in measuring social impact.

Nonprofit logic model: your launchpad to modern impact insights

New approach to maximize social impact analytics from logic model

Impact model data analytics: overcoming multiple data source challenge

Does your social mission benefit from the power of impact model data analytics?

How to effectively communicate nonprofit value proposition?

Begin your journey to successful funding with our essential tips on grant proposal writing.

Why you should measure social impact?

Discover why measuring social impact is key for sustainable growth and stakeholder trust

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