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Hetal Sheth

Meaningful change needs continuous learning from data. Money will follow.

How can a business use global reporting initiative (GRI)

Discover sustainable success, Global Reporting Initiative's standards empower businesses to measure and maximize their positive impact.

Aligning business with the UN sustainable development goals (SDG)

Unlock success by aligning business with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals for a better future

Attribution vs contribution in impact measurement

Learn attribution vs contribution in social impact measurement

Impact accelerator for social enterprises

Explore how our impact accelerator propels social enterprises towards innovation and greater impact.

How social procurement saves corporations from underdevelopment?

How Corporations Can Integrate Social Procurement for Impactful Business Practices

3 Steps to move from shareholder to stakeholder Impact

Discover the transformational journey from shareholder focus to holistic stakeholder impact in 3 insightful steps

CSR social impact: transform society through corporate social justice

Leveraging CSR social impact for corporate social justice and societal transformation

Significance of social impact data in economic development

Discover the power of social impact data in economic development to boost growth, draw investments, and foster sustainable prosperity.

Impact of affordable housing on families and communities

Explore the profound impact of affordable housing on families and communities, where stability and opportunity create brighter futures

How to measure equity in workplace?

Measure Equity and Inclusion

Financial security for all : cdfi impact measurement

We work with economic development organizations like Capital Plus Financial for end to end CDFI impact measurement

Catalyzing change: the social enterprise accelerator

Discover the power of social enterprise accelerator - Building impact management capacity

How the UN's sustainable development goals (SDG) affect enterprise?

Exploring Impact: How UN's Sustainable Development Goals Shape Business Practices and Strategies."

How is wellbeing measured: unveiling the metrics of wellness

Delve into the world of wellbeing metrics to understand how wellbeing is measured in our lives and communities

5 Data-driven DEI strategies to disrupt inequity

Empowering inclusive growth with data drive DEI strategy

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