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Alan Pierce

Alan is a social sector consultant and one of the founding directors of Quantica Education, a school of social entrepreneurship in Colombia.

SDG Indicators for SDG 4: quality education includes health & poverty

SDG Indicators for SDG 4 quality also includes health & poverty.

The power of collective impact model: building stronger communities

Collective impact model requires collaboration across impact sector players the benefits for the shared beneficiaries may well be worth it.

Why shift from MDG To SDG?

Transitioning from MDGs to SDGs: Learning from past goals to embrace a broader, more inclusive approach to sustainable development.

3 tips for measuring social impact projects

Maximizing impact: Three essential tips for effectively measuring social impact projects

How to choose the right Impact indicators to demonstrate impact

Know the process of choosing the right impact indicators for demonstrating impact. It is the key to impact reporting before you raise grant

SDG washing: what it is & how to avoid It

Learn about SDG washing and distinguishing between genuine sustainability efforts and false claims. Get tips on how to be a responsible cons

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