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Make an impactful decisions that drives better social return and profitability

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"Stakeholder-based impact management is key to the long-term success of people, the planet and profit."


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How do we maximize impact?

We're building a layer of impact evidence

We combine our team’s expertise with our technology, ImpactCloud®, to help your organization improve on impact measurement process and demonstrate real outcomes.

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Case Study

Audible's innovative approach to Equity, Racial Justice, and Economic Empowerment

Audible, an Amazon subsidiary company uses an innovative approach to expand its community initiatives to advance equity, racial justice, and economic empowerment that benefits both employees and the community.

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Audible Impact case study
Case Study

Miller Center is accelerating entrepreneurship to end poverty.

Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University exists to accelerate entrepreneurship to end global poverty and protect the planet.

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Customer Testimonials

How do our customers feel?

We're helping our customers improve their impact workflows and maximize impact. See how our customers feel about Sopact.

Astrid Cortes​ Food For The Poor - Impact Officer
"Sopact is helping us not only aligning to UN SDG goals but also streamlining our current scorecard connecting targets to the goals."
Eric Donnelly
Eric Donnelly CEO - Capital Plus Financial
"The collaboration with Sopact gave us a better understanding of what our customers expect and the changes they are experiencing. Now our stakeholders are eagerly awaiting our yearly Social Impact Learning Report."
Scott Wolovich New Sun Rising - Executive Director
"New Sun Rising collaborates with Sopact as a thought partner. Sopact helps us seamlessly tag all of our impact data through the lens of UN SDG and help us organize, aggregate, and share impact data at an individual enterprise, portfolio, and sub-portfolio level to realize the collective impact."

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Impact Perspectives from sopact allows you to dive deep into IMM topics, learn and maximize your impact.

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