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Lean Impact Methodology™

What is a difference between Lean Impact Framework and Lean Data From Acumen?

Lean Impact focuses from funders and program aggregation point of view. Lean Data from Acumen focuses on improving the use of data to drive a better decision. Lean Data is often designed to drive better impact management for SMEs & social enterprise. Lean Impact is designed for high-impact nonprofit working on many programs, foundation & grantee management, impact funds & investee relationship, impact networks (such as incubator, accelerators and mentor network)

What the factors for selecting to report based on SDG indicators?

Sustainable Goals (SDG) started with 17 goals starting 2016 for next 15 years.  Sustainable Development Goal is an ambitious effort to bring corporates into driving social goals. From the beginning, SDG Goals has been designed driving results through SDG indicators. Many social businesses can get ready to access different types of funding by aligning their impact results with SDG (in addition to other granular standards such as IRIS). Often these standards may not accurately represent core mission or theory of change of a business. We often recommend to develop hybrid approach in case of individual company reporting. In case of collective reporting, we recommend creating custom metrics that is commonly agreed by common goals between similar business.

Impact Cloud™

Impact Management vs Impact Measurement?

While traditional definition of impact measurement focuses on collecting data based on metrics designed, often this term is associated with a cost of collecting data which is often a dirty word. For one most organization do not have right capacity to collect data. Second, organization driving mission feels that cost of collecting data is burdensome, and unless funder is willing to pay for the cost of measurement, they are often unwilling to build this practices into their own internal social business practices.

Impact management, on the other hand, refers to the fact that managing impact must be part of overall social business practices like traditional businesses.  They must build right impact framework and results in the framework to meet their see if they are meeting their theory of change model.  Moving from impact measurement to impact management is just a state of mind that mission business must agree to follow.  The issue of cost still remains unresolved, unless philanthropic funders are willing to change their funding practices. For more information please review.



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