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Unlock Your Success with Dedicated FasTrack
Go from impact strategy to dashboard in just 60 days! Streamline Impact and Savings with Sopact's FasTrack bootcamp.
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  • Review and certify the strategy.
  • Integrate with Google Sheets & Excel
  • Create a survey and collect data.
  • Create a dashboard with your data.
  • All that in just 60 days!
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We help you and your grantees measure and manage change, data strategy, and impact.
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Unlock Your Success with Dedicated FasTrack

Welcome to data-driven impact bootcamp! A program designed to help you go from impact strategy to dashboard in just 60 days! Get your hands dirty with data and become an impact data owner. Ready to make an informed decision and positive change in society?

Sopact FasTrack
About Bootcamp

Expertise | Tools | Results

This boot camp will provide participants with the tools and knowledge needed to develop effective impact data strategies, manage data collection and storage, perform advanced data analytics, and communicate results to stakeholders.

Results at lightening speed 3X  fast, Impact Management on steroids. Get results in 2 months and not 6months to years!   
30+ years of expertise Expert Impact Measurement and Management and Data Analytics at your disposal without the expenses of consulting fees.  
Full suite of product Everything for IMM is under one roof.  Integrated Data Strategy, Survey, and Dashboard/Analytics at a fraction of the cost.  
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Bootcamp Outline

How does the schedule look like?

Below is an agenda for 8 Weeks and what it entails.  This program is designed for program managers committed to collecting at least one data collection cycle within 60 days and ready to commit time to work with Sopact team on all the tasks defined through our BaseCamp system,

Week 1,2,3

A Day of Impact Data Strategy

  • To ensure success within 60 days, we recommend investing at least 5 hours a week.
  • Upon payment, you will have
    • Invitation to project management tool
    • Login to
      • Impact Strategy ( Unlimited Users )
      • Sopact Survey ( 1 User )
      • Sopact Impact Cloud ( 1 User ) 
  • Most of the tasks are managed on Basecamp
  • You can set up one zoom call weekly
  • Goal one
    • Complete defining your organization's problem statement and mapping your Activities, Outputs, Outcomes, Datapoints, Sources, and Survey questions.
    • Review and certify the strategy.

Week 4,5

All About Data

  • Overview of data collection, storage, cleaning, and analytics 
  • This program only focuses on Sopact Survey and Google Spreadsheets/Excel data.
  • If you have other requirements, talk to Sopact before starting a program.
  • Goal two
    • Create a survey and collect data.
    • Prepare Google sheet if using it.

Weeks 6, 7, 8

Advanced Analytics and Use of Data

  • Discuss the storytelling of the dashboard
  • Advanced data visualization techniques
  • Communicating results and impact to stakeholders
  • Strategies for sustaining data analytics for social impact
  • Goal three
    • Create a dashboard with your data
Your Toolbox

Discover the Power of Impact Measurement

Gain an all-in-one solution for end-to-end impact measurement.

60-Day Access to Impact Cloud

For two months, utilize the full suite of Sopact Impact Cloud®.

  1. Data Strategy
  2. Survey
  3. Dashboard

Risk-Free Exploration

Experience Practical and Actionable Implementation Over Academic Training

  • Unlike traditional academic courses costing $500-$10,000, our program is hands-on and actionable. 

Unlock an additional $10,000 of vendor pilot without Long-term Commitment

  • Explore the features and capabilities of the Impact Cloud® suite and our team.

Certification with Confidence

Obtain collaborative reviews and one web session within 30 days, ensuring confidence before data collection and strategy sharing.

Confidently Collect Data and Share Strategies with Funders

  • Rapid Turnaround: Enjoy quick results for your logic model, data strategy, and impact dashboards.
  • Practical Data Collection Support: Speak with our solution consultant for optimal data collection methods.

Exclusive Office Hours

  • Access weekly boot camp support to address your queries.

Expert Impact Manager Advisory

  • Receive guidance on impact strategy, data collection, survey design, and dashboard visualization.
  • Program Scoping Assistance: Consult our business development team for a comprehensive scoping of your initiatives.

Success First


You get your private instance of Impact Cloud® with,

Strategy: unlimited users, 3 strategies
Survey:  1 user, 3 surveys, upto 300 responses
Dashboard: 1 user, 3 dashboards

Two months for enterprise plus 20 hours of strategic advisory


Two month for funds or foundations looking to aggregate portfolio results plus 20 hours of strategic advisory


Enterprise (stakeholder data collection use case) $4798
Funders (portfolio aggregation use case) $5598 

Additional offerings:

Advisory hours can be purchased at $200/hr in a bundle of 10.
Additional Programs, Data Sources, or Goals with scoping call.


Sign up for the impact strategy app, and select your preferred payment option from the top right profile and billing section. If you have questions, click "Talk to US" on the top right. We're here to help you make a difference.

Client Feedback

What do our customers say?

Micheal B.
Michael BrasherConsultant & Coach, Brasher Coaching
"I actually did a big survey where I looked at all the different organizations really around the world that are doing impact management and shout out to SoPact cuz I did comprehensive research and when I found what SoPact was doing for me, I was like, there's nobody else.

This is it. This is the tip of the spear in impact management. It's what I was looking for, and I only found one organization doing it, and that was SoPact."
"Sopact is helping us not only aligning to UN SDG goals but also streamlining our current scorecard connecting targets to the goals."
Eric Donnelly-1
"The collaboration with Sopact gave us a better understanding of what our customers expect and the changes they are experiencing. Now our stakeholders are eagerly awaiting our yearly Social Impact Learning Report."
"New Sun Rising collaborates with Sopact as a thought partner. Sopact helps us seamlessly tag all of our impact data through the lens of UN SDG and help us organize, aggregate, and share impact data at an individual enterprise, portfolio, and sub-portfolio level to realize the collective impact."