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1. Start With Financial Proxy

Assets - Integrated with IMPLAN

Leading Social Impact Proxy and Calculators

2. Automatically Calculate Results

Automatically import transactions and calculate a financial proxy

3. Calculate Results in SROI application

Easily calculate the Social Return on Investment using our calculator


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Streamline Results for SROI

One method for analyzing social impact is the social return on investment (SROI) model. SROI is a principles-based method for reporting on the value relative to resources spent.

The seven SROI principles are:

  1. Involve stakeholders.
  2. Understand what changes.
  3. Value the things that matter.
  4. Only include what is material. 
  5. Do not over-claim.
  6. Be transparent.
  7. Verify the result.

SROI Impact Cloud can be evaluated in four steps

  1.  Stakeholders
  2. Input
  3. Outcome
  4. Valuations
Project Portfolio – 2-1

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Unique Value Proposition

Unlike other SROI software, the platform does not just rely on a survey. Impact Cloud's SROI calculator provides integrated - survey and data-collection from different sources, integrated analytics, and reporting.
Investment Portfolio Screen

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Realtime Dashboard


Automatically see charts and data on a real-time dashboard.

Integrated Report Builder

Simply share results with the report builder and integrate with results with project portfolio

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SoPact flexible platform allows you to integrate third-party apps that work for you.

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Provide a trustable report with social return on investment

The only platform that allows data management, data analytics, SROI calculation and reporting in one ecosystem

One platform for data management, SROI and reporting

Organizations that collect data from the field, either through offline data collection tools or surveys, can summarize their results and link them to input, output, or outcome metrics that they have defined for their SROI strategy.

The advantage of the Impact Cloud is the ability to combine different elements in the Social Return on Investment reports, such as charts, stories from the field, images, and qualitative metrics, to tell a more complete narrative of the outcomes experienced by the end beneficiaries. 

Social impact for innovative organization & powerful fundraising strategy