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    1. What is SROI? Stakeholders

    This shows how change is being created by measuring social, environmental and economic outcomes and uses monetary values to represent them. 


    1. What is SROI?

    Capture the Value of Your Investment.

    2. 7 Principles of SROI

    SROI was developed from social accounting and cost-benefit analysis and is based on seven principles. These principles underpin how SROI should be applied.


    7 Principles of SROi

    A Cost-Benefit Analysis of your initiatives

    How SROI can help You?

    SROI helps you make better decisions, improve your impact and be accountable to stakeholders. It is a tool for strategic planning and improving, for communicating impact and attracting investment, or for making investment decisions.


    How SROI Can help You?

    Fulfil a range of purposes

    Verify the Results



    How to carry out an SROI Analysis

    Create your SROI Analysis in Minutes.