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Demonstrate Social, Economic, and Wage Impact

End to end social return on investment solutions for nonprofits & social enterprises

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Demonstrate economic, social, and wage impact through the seven principles of Social Return on Investment (SROI)

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SROI application certified by Social Value International.
Data & Surve Management

Data & Survey Based

Aggregate results from any external sources or collect data using our online survey. Connect the results to your SROI indicators.
SROI forecast


For organizations that don't have any data yet, the forecast approach allows an SROI estimation.
SROI Reporting

SROI Reporting

Analyze your results in our Impact Insights application and incorporate charts and data in the Report Builder application.
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Streamline Results for SROI

The expected return weighs the anticipated social benefits of an investment against its costs, discounted to today’s value. This expected return can take various forms; examples include Social Return on Investment (SROI), the Benefit-Cost Ratio (BCR), and the Economic Rate of Return (ERR). SROI is a principles-based method for reporting on the value relative to resources spent.

The seven SROI principles are:

  • Involve stakeholders.
  • Understand what changes.
  • Value the things that matter.
  • Only include what is material. 
  • Do not over-claim.
  • Be transparent.
  • Verify the result.


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Simplify Cross-Reference Data

Integration of External & Internal Data

Certified by Global Value Exchange (GVE)

1. Define SROI Strategy

Start your SROI strategy through the Theory of Change application.

2. Aggregate Results

From multiple data sources, our built-in survey or an external survey tool.

3. Apply financial proxy

From your preferred sources, like IMPLAN and Social Value International.

4. SROI Calculation

Easily calculate the Social Return on Investment using our calculator.

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SROI Calculation

Report results in most accurate manner

Unlike other SROI software, the platform does not just rely on a survey. Impact Cloud's SROI calculator provides integrated - survey and data-collection from different sources, integrated analytics, and reporting.

SROI Impact Cloud can be evaluated in four steps

  1.  Stakeholders
  2. Input
  3. Outcome
  4. Valuations

Help investors and investee to understand value created, provide strategic decision making.

SROI uses monetization of social impacts to assess value. Monetizing social return requires that investors, funds, and enterprises alike formulate their stances on strategy, funding, and services based on expected stakeholder benefits and costs.

Remove bias by providing hard figures for comparison. At a more macro level, SROI methodology can help get at how meaningful the work of a particular investor, fund, or enterprise is by examining its economic and other impacts on society.

Word Of Caution

A number of assumptions that go into the calculation of value introduce uncertainty that makes SROI potentially problematic.  Some organization feel that SROI is a useful tool to inform priorities and decisions internally but not for external communication about the impact


Ref: The Pulse of Impact Management


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