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Social Impact Due diligence and risk management

Social Impact Due diligence and Risk Management

Find out a negative impact in your portfolio before the market does

For Foundations and Impact Investors

No more sniff test! Manage risk, reputation and due diligence based on well defined process

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Start with impact statement and build company due diligence process

Organization Health Capacity

Evaluate grantee, agencies or other organization for customized governance, risk and compliance for social and environment rules

Impact Learning

Aggregate results of outcome and outcome data from your grantees, partners, and investees. Identify best practices based on better outcome results.

Impact Scorecard

Build qualitative and quantitative scoring for beneficiary, partners, grantees, investors 
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Design Due Diligence & Risk Framework

Conversations with clients to understand current due diligence and risk management approach.

  • For foundations review governance, risk and compliance evaluation
  • Design prospective investee meet social and financial criteria to see if portfolio company and investor's impact thesis aligns. Review potential investee is a good fit for the client, their impact goals, and their current portfolio
  • Evaluate the impact and financial risk factors, what metrics the potential investee is already tracking, what metrics they would need to add. 
  • Early stage enterprise often lacks impact data set up impact metrics that are both meaningful to investors and practical to business operations. Setup a simple lean data-based approach based on Impact Maker to collect results.
  • Matured investors due diligence (optional)
    • Impact scorecard
    • Logic model
    • Quasi-experimental methods
    • SROI (Evaluation vs Forecasting)
integrating, internal and external impact data

Simplify Cross-Reference Data

Integration of External & Internal Data

Simplify external and company-specific data, rules, and coding tables in a short time.

  • Bring third-party country-specific, world bank data, external jobs and economic results by country, state, districts etc.
  • Design coding table that allows that allows the evaluator to find results based on one or more filters
  • Define scores associated at the question level
  • Design weight associated per sector or group such as governance, risk, compliance, social impact, environment impact
Impact Maker


Evaluation Rules & Methodology

Flexible evaluation of risk management at different level.

  • Flexible portfolio-based evaluation to manage results at any level 
  • Assign unlimited reporting with flexible evaluation forms
  • Evaluate results on a regular period
  • Individual stakeholder or beneficiary based evaluation
Report Builder – IMP


Report results in most accurate manner

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Report Builder – SDGs

Measurement Framework

Design Investor-Investee Measurement Framework

Thesis Aligned: Have investment practices aligned with impact intentions, and report high-level data on investee practices and activities

Strategic Output: Report a selection of relevant investee outputs consistent with impact goals

Outcome Data: Track output and outcome data on an ongoing basis, and can provide data demonstrating positive change for target beneficiaries

Impact Data:  Can provide data that explicitly inform an assessment of additionally and/or cost-effectiveness

The most advanced impact and risk management platform!

Simplify your impact management,  due diligence, and reputation managment
Impact and Risk Managment