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All About Outcomes & Social Impact

A new webinar series to generate dialogue between the leaders & change-makers from the respective fields.

Together we intend to learn about challenges, solutions, and risks of each Sustainable Development Goals theme area. 

April 8, 2020, 8 am PST 

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SDG Outcome

Social Impact Webinar

April 8th 2020, 8:00 am PST

How can we prevent SDG Washing?

Join us in an inspirational conversation with Ben Carpenter, CEO of Social Value International at (SVI) Social Value International. SVI is a network of networks, united by a shared mission to change the way the world accounts for value.

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals Report from 2017 cites that "the rate of progress in many areas is far slower than needed to meet the targets by 2030," flagging the urgency to accelerate action. While working hard towards achieving global goals, how can we prevent over-claiming?

Topics of discussion:

  1. What is Sustainable Development Goals Washing?
  2. Why is it essential to avoid SDG washing?
  3. What is a good Impact Management practice for SDG alignment?
  4. How to take actionable steps for long-term learning?
  5. What role Social Value International and Impact Management
  6. Project play in preventing SDG washing?










Ben Carpenter  
Unmesh Sheth
CEO   CEO, Co Founder
@Social Value Int.   SoPact


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Social Impact Webinar SDG 1

How Impact Management can help Progress out of Poverty?

More than 700 million people, or 10% of the world population, still live in extreme poverty and are struggling to fulfill the most basic needs like health, education, and access to water and sanitation.

"Food For The Poor" works to uplift poor children, families, and communities in need by providing basic essentials, and opportunities for long-term development. They work in 18 Latin American and Caribbean countries. How are they managing their Outcomes? Join us to a webinar with their Chief Outcome Officer and Monitoring and Evaluation Officer.

Topics of discussion:

  1. Starting the impact journey
  2. A pathway from Output to Outcomes.
  3. Metrics and Survey questions selection process
  4. Impact data Challenges
  5. Risk and Opportunities











Jeff Alexander  
Astrid Cortes
Chief Outcomes Officer   Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Food For The Poor   Food For The Poor


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Goal 1.2-53


Social Impact Webinar SDG 8

Impact Measurement, Logic Model and Progress Out Of Poverty Index

Upaya: Our mission is to create dignified jobs for the poorest of the poor by building scalable businesses with investment and consulting support.

Sachi Shenoy: Chief Impact Officer & Co-Founder
Sachi Shenoy has a decade of experience in developing social enterprises to meet the needs of the poor and ultra-poor, designing and implementing field interventions, and conducting social performance evaluations and investment advisory for a variety of organizations throughout Asia.

Topics of discussion:

1. Challenges and economic growth
2. The evidence base for impacts and impact measurement
3. Actionable steps for increasing effective impact investing













  Sachi Shenoy


8_8 Decent Work


Social Impact Initiative SDG 16

Scaling Social Enterprise - Impact Investor Lens


SI2 is an impact-first investment fund with a European scope scaling innovative social businesses with funding, access to markets, and expertise. The fund thrives for a world where both entrepreneurs and investors engage in addressing the most pressing societal problems of our time.

Social Value International is a network of networks, united by a shared mission to change the way the world accounts for value. With members in 45 countries representing a range of disciplines in public, private, and civil society sectors, SVI is changing the way society accounts for value.

Topics of discussion:

1) What is the driving force in decision making for any business? How is it different for social business?
2) How to scale social business?
3) Challenges and opportunities of impact funds to tackle the most pressing societal issues
4) Using SROI and SDG as part of your investment strategy, process, and outcomes
5) Different techniques for driving impact evidence in social business:
*Using Social Return on Investment (SROI)
*Impact Management Project (IMP) and Benchmarking
*Impact Management Project and Stakeholder feedback
6) What are the actionable steps for increasing impact funding?
We are looking forward to the insightful conversation! Thank you.














Timothy Lambert
Ben Carpenter
Unmesh Sheth
Associate Impact VC  CEO  CEO
@SI2 Fund  @Social Value Int.  @Sopact


Goal 16-46


Social Impact - SDG 13

Social Impact Project

Carbon Credit and Carbon Offset


icons8_Today_10 Oct 17, 2019

icons8_Time_Span 09:00 AM PST

Climate change could increase the risk of hunger and malnutrition by up to 20% by 2050. Climate change could force more than 100 million people into extreme poverty.

Leaders came to New York on September 23, 2019 with concrete, realistic plans to enhance their nationally determined contributions by 2020.

Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda
(GESG), a federal government declared protected area and UNESCO proclaimed World Biosphere Reserve was one of the organizations contributed.

Topics of discussion:
1. Challenges and opportunities in Climate Action
2. The impacts of natural capital conservation and climate change mitigation
3. Actionable steps for increasing effective impact investing

Looking forward to the insightful conversation! Thank you.





Laura Pérez-Arce

Director, Viva Sierra Gorda
Sierra Gorda, Mexico




Social Impact - SDG 11

Global Development Activities

Opportunity Zone and Community Development



icons8_Today_10 Sep 26, 2019 (Ended)

 Enjoy the webinar recording 

Today community development, place-based investing, and particularly in the US, Opportunity Zones have captured the attention of investors, fund managers, policymakers, and community advocates. If unchecked, these instruments can bring changes in cities, states, or regions with a significant potential negative impact on the neighborhoods they intend to help.






Eddie Lorin

Sashwin Pillai

Founder, Strategic Realty Holdings
Founder, Africa Vision Holdings
California, USA South Africa


SDG11 Illustration-32

470 million jobs are needed globally for new entrants to the labor market between 2016 and 2030.

Are we ready?


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