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Social Impact Accelerator

Build your impact framework 

Build impact data capacity of your social impact network and prepare them for impact capital

In Association With IRIS+ and Impact Management Project


Build funding capacity of social imapct acceleators

Start with Theory Of Change

Validate Social Impact Model

Unlimited TOC & Metrics Integration for enterprises, grant makers, and impact investments
SDG Aligned

SDG Goals

Align theory of change with SDG Goals and Targets and later search most optimal metrics that aligns with goals
Global Metrics Repository

Metrics Repository

Search & Assign metrics to your Investments from the largest metric repository on the internet!

Reports & Storytelling

Seamlessly aggregate and report Quarter on Quarter Outcomes to your investors.

Portfolio Manager

Manage your entire portfolio of Grantees & Investees from your Dashboard. Custom portfolio or Branded such as TONIIC T-100
social impact accelerator application

Application Process

Setup a simple web driven application process for entrepreneurs due deligence 

Scale Enterprises

With better data management enterprise are likely to scale as they get faster feedback through lean data approach

Raise Capital

Through well define impact management framework your enterprises are likely to attract smart captial
social impact accelerator and network

Engage Social Enterprises

Build local or global social impact network

Start a conversation with a community building for social enterprise, nonprofits, and social businesses

  • Build a mobile application driven deep impact network with a closer alignment with the impact network
  • Program based application
  • Scorecard every applications
Theory of change

Build data capacity

Financial & Social Impact

Improve the viability of the social enterprise.

  • Workshops for social enterprise with Impact Strategy application
  • Any social enterprise can signup and build impact strategy on their own
2. Metrics Catalog

Impact Framework

Build Accelerator Impact Framework

For each program rapidly start building impact framework

  • Define program specific core metrics
  • Define individual enterprise specific metrics
  • Choose from thousands of standards metrics
  • Build custom metrics
Investment Portfolio – 1


Social Impact Network

Evaluate whether an enterprise’s and/or investor’s efforts resulted in outcomes that were likely better than what would have occurred otherwise.

  • Build an impact scorecard for a transparent and accurate accounting of what happened as a result of investment
  • Monitor regular progress of pre-agreed upon investments metrics
  • Monitor positive and negative outcomes

Aggregate Results from Entrepreneurs

Flexible Results Data Aggregation

Aggregate due diligence results, ad-hoc results, and results collection based on predefined frequency - monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual.

  • Collect results through file import from template
  • Collect results automatically from partners through email and partner login
  • Organization self-entry
  • Direct sync from Impact Maker

Results Tracker

Monitor reporting from each enterprises 

  • Look at the overall progress
  • Send reminders & thank you notes





Automated Impact Scorecard

WHO experiences the outcome and how underserved they were prior to the enterprise’s effect

  • Artificial Intelligence Driven Approach For Qualitative Analysis 
    • Interviews
    • Survey
    • Reports
  • IRIS+ Stakeholder Design
  • Identifying stakeholders or beneficiaries who will benefit and establish an impact baseline
  • Aggregate results through online, offline survey, or external data to establish a better outcome of the program. product or services

Challenges of Social Impact Accelerators

Limited Financial & Theory Of Change

Social Ventures or often called as social impact accelerators or incubators have a mission to nurture and grow social enterprises. Depending on the level of maturity (early stage to matured), social ventures often collects financial and social impact metrics regularly. 

Capacity Building

Build robust business plan and impact strategy

Comprehensive metrics framework allows step by step SDG Goals, SDG Targets, SDG Indicators and other related standards such as IRIS etc.  Integrate standard and custom metrics in the final selection.

Data Islands and SDG Alignment

Often programs, countries, initiatives, and business have data sitting in multiple data stores. Often aligning data that reports to SDG indicators or other SDG aligned metrics are fairly time-consuming
End 2 End SDG Alignement

Align Internal Data To SDG

Create a step by step strategy for SDG tracker that aligns SDG Goals, SDG Targets, SDG Indicators and other relevant metrics from standards from business, impact investment, foundations, international development and philanthropy

Innovative Theory Of Change & Metrics Catalog

Funders often do not have well-aligned outcome with a downstream organization and do not trust data reported by them
Theory of Change

Theory Of Change

Now you can invite all your investee, grantees, and entrepreneurs to create a theory of change even before starting due diligence process

No Portfolio Level Outcome Insights

This unavailability of insights into their portfolios outcomes hinders Asset Managers from raising capital from Asset Owners

Portfolio Outcomes

Track & Manage Outcomes Across your PortfolioThis is the solution

Engage with your Investors over portfolio-wide outcomes. 

Report Design Challenges

Most organizations scramble to build compelling impact report that is easy to communicate based on powerful narrative, story, output & outcome results
Report Builder

Innovative designer

Innovative drag-and-drop mechanism to add stories, data, charts, images, and maps.  Powerful story building through qualitative and quantitative results.  Communicate your results through social media or your website to raise capital. 

Impact Risk Assessment Impossible

Assessing the Impact Risk Assessment of Long-Term Investment Capital Deployment is Impossible

Impact Risk

End-to-End Insights

With detailed data-driven insights into your entire portfolio until the nth level, manage & assess risk easily across all asset classes.

Sustainability and Program Reporting

Corporates and private firms often face a challenge to produce timely and data-driven sustainability & program reporting. Some of these key challenges are

  • How to identify the material issues on which to report
  • How to report with transparency and accountability
  • How to develop priorities through stakeholder engagement
  • How to measure and report on community investment
  • How to define issues-based reporting
  • How to develop an effective communications plan
Sustainability and Program Reporting

Robust sustainability strategy

Step by step strategy approach starts with SDG goals aligned with business goals.  Build comprehensive targets, results requirements and reporting requirements

Do not value social impact measurement high

Often investees tend to have less matured social impact measurement process due to early-stage nature of each social enterprises. Often social ventures collect results manually based on survey platform or Google Spreadsheet.  While collecting results may be easy, analyzing aggregate them is challenging and very time-consuming.

Impact Management Equates to Better Investment

Impact Management Equates to Better Investment

Improve a success of investee with a better impact management strategy

Different metrics

  • Investee often have metrics that are not very common to each other

  • Identifying right metrics that align with generally accepted impact investing landscape can be challenging for a small staff

Different Metrics

Align core metrics and simplify results collection

Aggregate core metrics that applies to most and collect only context specific results from each network organization

Limitation of Survey Management

Sending survey has a lot of disadvantages. A  survey by nature will have identical metrics. Hence, investees get confused about priority metrics relevant to their business.  Often they may not provide results for most critical impact area.

Since results are going to be inconsistent, analyzing them is going to be even more challenging.

Streamline results data collection

Streamline results data collection

Align core metrics and individual metrics of network organization

Social Venture Network and Social Impact Accelerator

Social venture network, social impact accelerator drive the growth of social entrepreneur and impact entrepreneur with higher financial and social impact investing potential. Through the social impact accelerator, we provide highly scalable social entrepreneurs access to markets, talents, capital, and guidance.



Country Hub

Aggregate national and regional results over a time, provide easy to data management and visualization and reporting

Program Hub

SDG Goal & Target Specific Target for automated reporting by other community initiatives

Social Enterprise

National or region specific social enterprises designed to drive specific economy

Impact Hub

Collective results from non-profits, social enterprises, foundations and impact investors