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Build a strong accelerator brand by making every enterprise ready for outcome-based funding
Social Enterprise Impact
Social  Impact Accelerator


  • A high percentage of Social Enterprises stagnate or fail after the accelerator program
  • Social enterprises struggle to reach the next level of growth
  • Social enterprises struggle to attract investment
  • Accelerators struggle to demonstrate their contribution

Our Solution

  • Increase the number of success stories through specialized support
  • Provide impact expertise to the social enterprises to refine their outcomes
  • Define an outcome-oriented data strategy that is easy to implement
  • Enable business learnings that the social enterprises can use to scale their business
  • Provide in-depth knowledge for the social enterprises to be investment-ready
  • Demonstrate the accelerators’ effectiveness and additionality

For accelerators struggling to demonstrate their contribution.

In under 1 min. Chris Gaines explains and provides a solution to how social impact accelerators have contributed significantly to the development of social entrepreneurship yet they struggle to demonstrate their contribution.

Build program success.

Impact accelerators can build a strong brand by demonstrating success within their social enterprise portfolio. Social enterprises (SE)can improve product-market fit and investment success through effective impact management capacity building.

If you have:

- Demonstrate your contribution towards the social enterprise’s ability to manage impact
- Demonstrate the success of your program through the success of your SEs
- Grow your portfolio of SEs by having a competitive advantage
- Help your SEs become more data-driven to improve their ability to report to you

Our promise:

Provide the impact management knowledge for your SEs to improve their data collection
Build an investment-ready impact dashboard by SE (provided SE has historical data and is ready to collect stakeholder feedback)
All social enterprise impact dashboards in one place, without sending any surveys or setting additional metrics
Data ownership for the social enterprises


Understand additionality

Many accelerators often get away with anecdotal stories and output-level metrics. Funders can often make the board accountable to track the true impact of the accelerator by understanding additionality.

Our promise:

Track social enterprises’ impact maturity
Track social enterprises’ business maturity
Track the impact accelerator’s additionality and contribution to the portfolio
Track the impact accelerator’s net promoter score and SE satisfaction

Unlock data from other systems

Most accelerators often collect social enterprise profile data in systems such as Salesforce, Excel or others. Our experience suggests that most teams do not leverage their systems to analyze results. 

Our promise:

Unlock the data from all your different systems
One platform for all the business insights and impact learnings

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A solution to organize and maximize your impact

Measuring impact requires a suite of products and solutions, we put them together.


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