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Empowering Small-Scale Fisheries

Through Data & Technology.
Social Enterprise


ABALOBI helps small-scale fishers to participate meaningfully in the seafood value chain to promote digital and financial inclusion. ABALOBI achieves its mission through the joint development of Technology for Social Good.

Social Enterprise

Impact Learnings

Today, technologies exist to enhance seafood traceability and enforce regulations in the global market to control illegal catches. However, many small-scale fishers are unable to access it because of the cost and complexity. So how is ABALOBI working to overcome this inequality and improving their livelihoods?

Engagement of ABALOBI with Sopact

Building Impact Ecosystem

Challenges before Sopact engagement

  • Impact framework needs to include multiple layers of business solutions
  • Theory of Change with multiple outcomes and stakeholders
  • Multiple data sources
  • Complex program resource allocation 
  • Collecting feedback on an ad-hoc basis
  • Inadequate impact learning
  • Impact evidence required to raise funds

Impact journey after engagement with Sopact 

  • Alignment of impact frameworks and their metrics at multiple layers of the business solutions/programs
  •  Identification of key stakeholders
  • Revised Theory of Change with a focus on key outcomes
  • Alignment of indicators with global standards such as Sustainable Development Goals and IRIS+
  • Data integration of Impact Cloud with various ABALOBI apps and offline data collection tools
  • Collecting stakeholder feedback in alignment with the Five Dimensions of Impact
Sustainability for fishers and the ocean

Key benefits of maximizing impact

1) Actionable learnings about food and financial insecurities in the fisher communities

2) Improving the socio-economic condition of small-scale fishers with impact experiments

3) Improving gender equity in fisheries and supply chains

4) Increased stewardship of local marine ecosystem and sustainability

Fishers, chefs, and the community are

Embracing Change

  • Increase in demand and supply of premium quality, traceable, small-scale catch fish, and its products
  • Data-driven decision making for fishers, chefs, community, and ABALOBI
  • Change in behavior of fishers and community towards sustainable food
  • Increased earnings through value retention for fishers
  • Actionable impact learning with all data in one platform for ABALOBI
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"As ABALOBI grew, we had to think about technology and IMM framework that can scale with us. As an app developers, we also have multiple data sources. So, we realized that as we potentially deploy our solution in South Africa, our partners deploy their version in Abu Dhabi and other countries; how do we measure our impact? We want to learn from all the data points to answer complex questions. Sopact is helping us with advisory and technology to reach our goal."


Empowering small-scale fisheries

Download our case study and learnings from Abalobi. 

Case Study Cover


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