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Impact Startup

Raise faster impact investment capital 

With SDG Aligned Impact Management Social Value Report

Theory of Change to Impact Report for Early Stage Impact Organization

Impact Organization Who Want to Rapidly Build Impact Strategy and Reporting

Organizations with limited capacity: Nonprofits | Social Enterprise | Small Growing Business | B-Corps

Theory of Change

Unlimited TOC & Metrics Integration for enterprises, grant makers, and impact investments
Global Social Impact Metrics Repository

Metrics Repository

Search & Assign metrics to your Investments from the largest metric repository on the internet!

Impact Insight

Dashboards, analytics and visualization of outcome, portfolio and projects in a single location

SROI, Storytelling & Reporting

Seamlessly aggregate and report Quarter on Quarter Outcomes to your investors.

Stakeholder & Program Data Management

Program data collection & analysis

Depending on the years of operations and growth, organizations have many donation management, event management, accounting, and program data management systems. Many of them get funding for a designated program, hence often creating data island. Very few have the right, well-aggregated data

Simple Data Warehouse

Streamline data management

Drag & drop any system, 3rd party data and aggregate results from online and offline data

Report Design Challenges

Most organizations scramble to build compelling impact report that is easy to communicate based on powerful narrative, story, output & outcome results
Report Builder

Innovative designer

Innovative drag-and-drop mechanism to add stories, data, charts, images, and maps.  Powerful story building through qualitative and quantitative results.  Communicate your results through social media or your website to raise capital. 

RCTs are Expensive

RCTs are expensive and unfeasible for most organizations.

RCTs are Unaffordable

Aggregate any data set

Now run insights from any & all relevant data sets that you can get your hands on! 

Expectations of Outcomes are Misaligned

It is very common for Investors & their Investees to be very misaligned over the expected Outcomes of their businesses & investments. 
Misaligned Expectations

Outcome Based Relationships

Now Investors & Enterprises can be aligned towards the same outcomes that they believe in.

Bespoke Inhouse Technology

Investment Funds use crude & bespoke technologies that can only measure inputs and outputs, but not outcomes. 

Bespoke Technology

Your Own Impact Ecosystem

Say goodbye to excel sheets & surveys which you cant do anything with and say Hello to your Impact Ecosystem custom built to maximize your Impact Capacity.

Investor Worthiness

Proving their Investor worthiness for Social Impact Enterprises is always a Challenge.

Investor Worthiness

Unrestricted Impact Capital

By having a TOC based outcomes tracking platform, raise capital from the biggest impact funds in the world. 

Lack of Support Systems

Social Impact Enterprises lack access to Crucial venture support systems, especially in the developing world and the resulting lack of business skills & tech expertise leads to restricts access to social finance.

Lack of Support Systems

Access a Global Network

Now engage with every other social entrepreneur & impact investor in the world!

Faster Feedback Loop

Whether you’re looking for funding, or seed investment or you need to be able to see and understand your operational and monitoring data.  Having faster actionable data can make a big difference between winning and losing a grant. 

Manage Data

Simplified data aggregation

Just drag the file and let the system take of rest.  ImpactMaker will recommend you best possible data type automatically. You can choose differently if you like. 

Challenges with program data

Organizations do not have a matured system to manage beneficiary, employee, volunteers, and stakeholders. Hence, they often end up collecting data in the spreadsheet or custom database

Program Data

Simple Program Data Management

If you are still using MS-Excel or Google Spreadsheet to manage different data, Impact Maker is a simple solution to manage all your internal project data need.  Impact Maker is a much simple solution for managing and analyzing results.
Water Project

Theroy of Change

Comprehensive TOC Fast!

Start with Impact Statement, build a complete theory of change and identify metrics.

  • Start building theory of change 
  • Align with sustainable development goals and targets or custom goals, targets (or strategy)
  • Build a complete impact map
  • Identify standard metrics from global metrics repository for external communication such as  grants
  •  Define custom metrics with a broad range of qualitative and quantitative reporting formats
data entry

Self Reporting

Prepare report in few hours

Define data collection strategy based on each metrics. 

  • Some data such as paper, excel, google docs can be manually entered using self-entry
  • For regular data that are not tracked in other systems, just define applications for data collection
  • If bringing data from external data sources import data and build results using formula or project insight
  • Define reporting requirements such as period
  • Define unique activity reporting requirements
  • For outcome define an out-of-box outcome data collection
  • For survey create survey and send a link to stakeholder
  • If using 3rd party offline and online tool, simply import results
Report Builder – 1

Innovative Report Designer

Demonstrate your outcome effectively

Build an innovative impact report for raising or renewing grants. Drag & drop designer allows you to mash up narratives, stories, pictures, video, and other effective outcomes

  • Canva like a designer with out-of-box templates designed to effectively communicate results
  • Toolbar different layout
  • Story: Charts, Image, Narrative
  • Visualization: Dynamic charts, maps
  • Widgets: SDG, Impact Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Theory of change based out-of-box scorecard
  • Outcome wizard

Designed for simple reporting to simple data warehousing need

Beneficiary Data | Survey | Outcome Management

Reporting Solutions

Integrate stories from the field with powerful visualization that allows an optimal strategy for impact reports.  Raise capital by through more impactful report & social media


Outcome Management

Rapidly collect baseline and incremental stage results. View cohort, individual & competitive positive/negative outcome

Unique Activities

Rapidly aggregate activities attended by stakeholders and rapidly find monthly, quarterly and annual results

Program Effectiveness

Measure the overall program effectiveness of a program for grant funding programs

Feedback Loop

Find insightful understanding of survey results, comparative metrics between multiple projects and deep outcome insight

US Nonprofits spent $1.2B preparing a report. Are you one of them?

Theory of change to Impact Reporting in Short Time
Theory of Change for Enterprise & Investors
SDG Aligned Impact Metrics Catalog
Metrics Wizard
Impact Manager Portfolio Toniic T-100
Social Impact Metrics Repository
Impact Outcome Insight
Report Builder – 1