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Streamline data reporting and inputting.

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Integration Connects your Various Apps... Here's Why it's Important for Mission Driven Organizations

A Case for Integration

Technology's presence in our offices is expanding - integration is the glue that links all of our applications together. This not only streamlines our operations, but effects greater capacity for learnings that we can leverage for strategic planning. 

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More Apps

Applications like Salesforce and Quickbooks oversee segments of our operations. We tend to keep these applications seperate. 

Data Collection

The process in which we collect the data is an important piece of our overall integration strategy. Certain processes for data collection are better equipt to limit human error in reporting.

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More Data

With more Apps comes more data. We are storing fragmented data sets, sometimes with duplicate data entrys that may be inconsistent. 

Building out a Data Ecosystem

Cloud integration tools can link together your applications so that they are able to automatically share data. This can dramatically streamline data reporting processes, saving time and money.
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Data Aggregation

With more data comes the need for data management. The aggregation of our data in one place sets us up for better analysis. By aggregating this data we can better organize our processes. 

Automated reporting to external funders

Integration's potential for automation can extend to reporting requriements. In this case study about the HomeKeeper app, Grounded Solutions Network was able to automate their reporting to the Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 

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Impact Reporting

Dashboard analysis can make this even faster and serve as a powerful tool for communicating our impact.

How Technology can Drive your Impact Mission Forward


Better Data

Do away with duplicated data sets and inconsistencies. 


Better Reach

Innovative appraoches to data collection including offline mobile data collection can expand your reach.


Better Feedback

Gain insights into your products/services with instilled data collection as a feedback loop.

3 Salesforce Integration Strategies


This presentation goes through three common Salesforce Integration strategies and one case study of a complex integration strategy used by Grounded Solutions Network.




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Direct Data Integration

Single-Input , Single App

Simple Cloud Connectors
  • Data Sync Between Two Apps
  • Simple Cloud Connectors: Salesforce Connect, Zapier, OpenFn etc
  • e.g. Salesforce to Email Marketing, Salesforce to Online Forms, Salesforce to Offline Data Collection


Multi-Apps, Rules, Workflow, Triggers

Single-Input, Multi-Apps

Cloud Based Integration Platforms
  • Data Sync between multiple objects with dependacy, tranformation etc
  • Cloud based platforms: Workato, Jitterbit, Informatica, Mulesoft
  • Salesforce to Account Apps, Event Marketing, Online Apps


Security, UI, Data, System Integration

External Data Integration

Custom Integrations
  • Requires reporting data to external system using webservices.  Data format and handling of response is complicated
  • Custom APEX Coding
  • Salesforce Apps & External Reporting with complex interactions

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Choose your Integration Strategy 

Learn more about the three common Salesforce integration strategies and be aware of the needs you would like integration to solve for.

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Assess the level of complexity 

How many applications do you want linked? Are they cloud-based applications? Begin to assess the level of complexity that your integration strategy will require. 

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