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Why Use a Cloud-Based Solution for your organization's Impact Management Process


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The world is moving from Impact Measurement to Impact Management. With the rise of technology and growing emphasis on outcome measurement, Impact Management is more achievable than ever before. Impact Cloud™ is a technology solution that aligns your organization’s impact hypothesis with organized data management practices to tell a unique story.

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The flexibility of Impact Cloud™ allows you to document your organization’s program design directly into the system. Your program design includes Theory of Change, areas of impact, associated metrics sets and any beneficiary the organization collects data from for impact assessment, such as investees.

A metrics set is simply a grouping of particular metrics focused around an associated area of impact. It is also possible to include financial Metrics, and questions for the due diligence process, such as organization profile, governance, and social and environmental policies. In addition, you can build metrics sets in preferred language(s) that will be automatically translated into English for analysis and reporting purposes.


Data Collection

Every metrics set serve as an online data collecting form. This means that metrics questionnaires are built during the metrics selection process. To collect the best data possible, it’s important to identify the best metrics to measure what matters. The Impact Cloud™ has over 2,000 standardized metrics with the option of creating custom metrics.

Once the organization’s program design is plugged into the system, it’s ready to begin collecting data for aggregated insights. Impact Cloud™ reduces the likelihood of human error by giving access to user guidelines, sample answers, comment sections, and resource links to immediately offer clarification when needed.


Data Aggregation and Analysis

As your reporting partners submit the data, the data is automatically aggregated on the dashboard through visualized charts, graphs and maps. The dashboard is customized to your needs for quick and meaningful insights. Furthermore, you can create tailored dashboards for every impact area.


Tell your Story

The dashboard allows you to easily tell your impact story. To communicate impact, Impact Cloud™ has a built-in tool that allows you to create your own impact reports, anytime, anywhere, using the data that you have already collected and compiled. It consists of a drag-and-drop mechanism that allows you to add charts, images, text, tables, and other elements to your report, to tell your story in a more effective way.


The world is moving from Impact Measurement to Impact Management - to understand the people and planet, set financial and social goals, define intentions and constraints - to be able to deliver and improve impact. Impact Cloud™ is built for the purpose of managing your organization’s impact.

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