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Alan Pierce | Oct 23, 2018 10:37:41 PM

Foundation Grants & Accountability: Putting Together the Pieces of the Puzzle

In the United States alone foundation grants and giving account for nearly $70 billion annually. That fact implies that a whole lot of impact is being ...

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Perspectives on Strategy, Impact Management, Impact Perspectives, Strategy, Data Management
Alan Pierce | Sep 28, 2018 8:00:55 PM

Bringing Impact Data Management Into the       Conversation At Socap 2018

The biggest event of the year in the impact investing sector is about to take place in San Francisco. Every Fall, Social Capital Markets, or SOCAP, brings ...

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Impact Management, Impact Perspectives, Strategy, Data Management
Hetal Sheth | Aug 9, 2018 4:49:13 PM

Start Impact Conversation with Actionable Impact Management Guidebooks

I make report every year for my funders, is that social impact management? Why should I invest in social impact management process? It is certainly not a story ...

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Impact Management, Strategy, Impact Perspectives
Alan Pierce | Mar 25, 2018 1:24:46 PM

Uniting the Impact Ecosystem: A Call for End-to-End Impact Management

According to a survey by the Global Impact Investing Network, more than $100 billion worth of impact investing assets are currently under management. Every ...

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