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The latest global trends in social impact measurement, management

How to Avoid SDG Washing?

  • by: Hetal Sheth
  • On: 10, Feb 2020
10 min read

How to Avoid SDG Washing?

Are you a business with a vision to drive social impact through sustainable development goals? Did you hear that achieving the Global Goals opens up an economic prize of $12 trillion by 2030? Are you ...

New Trends in Impact Measurement & Management in 2020

Impact Measurement & Management in 2020 We are witnessing one of the most important trends in our lifetime called impact revolution. While this revolution may not be as big as a tech revolution, it ha...

SDG 11 Target and Indicators:  Scaling Community Development

SDG 11 Target and Indicators:  Scaling Community Development   The majority of urban residents breathing poor-quality air, having limited access to transport, and open public spaces. We realized that ...

10 min read

Moving from Millennium Development Goal To Sustainable Development Goal

Global development planning and initiatives have changed immensely in recent decades. There’s been a move from a fragmented approach to a more integrated and aligned strategy thanks to the advent of t...

3 Ways Foundations can Scale Climate Change  Solutions

The climate philanthropy is one of many global mechanisms to fund climate change solutions more rapidly and effectively. And yet, historically, it is estimated that only about 2% of global philanthrop...

How Can Foundations Align With Sustainable Development Goals

Financing the Sustainable Development Goals to achieve all the SDG targets is an international endeavor of huge scale. Some estimate that scale to be $6 trillion annually in order to reach those lofty...

Aligning Your Small Business With The UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are ostensibly a vision. They’re a shared framework for a path to a better world. But who are they for? Development organizations, non-profits, other social...

How Can a Business Use Global Reporting Initiative with SDG reporting

The Global Reporting Initiative has been around for decades. It is widely used, but perhaps still not enough.

SDG Investing - Align Impact Investing with SDG

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have challenged both the public and private sector to amplify the outcomes of purpose-driven work, and in many cases to pursue SDG alignment. Part of this chal...


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