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Why Impact Management Is Not Complete Without Stakeholders Impact Analysis?

Last year in 2019, we had a conversation with Ben Carpenter from Social Value International regarding, "What is preventing us from listening to the stakeholders?" In 2020 especially post-pandemic, for...

Outcome Tracking and Impact Metrics with COVID -19 Learnings

Are you an organization serving your community by providing healthy meals, protective equipment, mental health counseling, or education to the community about healthy practice? During this unique time...

Impact Measurement & Management: Lean Data Analytics

Are you a mission-driven organization? Are you an asset manager like Impact Fund, Funds of Fund, Impact Advisor, Social Impact Accelerator, or Foundation? Are you a nonprofit or social enterprise that...

8 Effective Phases of Impact Data Management

Are you a mission-driven organization looking to build impact data strategy, where do you start? This article gives a practical and step-by-step process that you can follow based on your organization'...

SDG 3 Target and Indicators: Mobile Healthcare

How to scale social impact mission? There is a fallacy in the entire social sector that impact measurement is too expensive and is simply a necessary evil to satisfy funders. This fallacy couldn't be ...

How Impact Knowledge Graph Simplifies Impact Management & Strategy?

Are you a chief impact officer overwhelmed by a new impact knowledge ecosystem of many impact knowledge sources and maze of standards, framework, and tools? 

System Change in Impact Investing Ecosystem

Systems change is a major buzz in impact investing and impact philanthropy who are interested in improving long term social change.  NPC has very well described what System Change is. But how can achi...

Understanding Social Performance with Theory of Change

In the world of microfinance there are social returns to be accounted for, in addition to financial accountability. Implementing a social performance framework to conduct such accountability assessmen...

11 min read

How to Strategise in the End-to-End Impact Management Ecosystem?

According to a survey by the Global Impact Investing Network, more than $100 billion worth of impact investing assets are currently under management. Every dollar of that investment capital represents...


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