Impact Perspectives

Hetal Sheth 8/27/21 8:52 AM 14 min read

How to use impact learning to scale social impact?

A Growing Movement Of Social Purpose With Profit Social enterprises and nonprofits ...
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Alan Pierce 8/21/18 2:32 PM 14 min read

How Can a Business Use Global Reporting Initiative

The Global Reporting Initiative has been around for decades. It is widely used, but ...
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Alan Pierce 6/10/18 10:44 PM 12 min read

Why Do We Keep Producing Impact Reports, But Not Intended Impact?

The impact space is inundated with impact reports. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. ...
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Alan Pierce 5/28/18 5:55 PM 18 min read

How to Calculate Social Return On Investment (SROI) - Part 1

  A lot of people try to get to a number for SROI Ratio and it misses the truth. The ...
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Unmesh Sheth 12/14/17 7:16 PM 10 min read

How to communicate nonprofit impact

In the United States, more than $1.2 Billion is spent just building nonprofit impact ...
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Hetal Sheth 7/20/17 5:14 PM 9 min read

What is lean data management?

Lean Data, a term popularized by Acumen, refers to collecting high quality data related ...
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Alan Pierce 4/28/17 11:08 AM 15 min read

SDG Investing - Align Impact Investing with SDG

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have challenged both the public and private ...
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Alan Pierce 4/6/17 3:13 PM 11 min read

Online & Offline Data Collection : Social Impact Measurement

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. When put in the context of ...
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