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Impact Perspective 

The latest global trends in social impact measurement, management

How Can a Business Use Global Reporting Initiative with SDG reporting

The Global Reporting Initiative has been around for decades. It is widely used, but perhaps still not enough.

7 min read

Why Do We Keep Producing Impact Reports, But Not Intended Impact?

The impact space is inundated with impact reports. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Donors and impact investors need to see such impact reports to be updated about progress year after year about t...

How to Calculate Social Return On Investment (SROI) - Part 1

A lot of people try to get to a number for SROI Ratio and it misses the truth. The point of SROI calculation isn’t necessarily to justify capital investment, it’s to understand value creation through ...

Storytelling Impact Learning & Social Impact Reporting

Like any other storytelling, Impact Storytelling is also an art. In your social impact report how do you mix qualitative data with quantitative data? And tell a story which not only communicates inten...

3 min read

How Create Effective Impact Report Design?

It is the question on many impact manager's mind, how to build effective nonprofit impact reports? An effective social impact report focuses on a collective process that aligns impact thesis (ie. Theo...

How to Build Effective Nonprofit Impact Reports

In the United States, more than $1.2 Billion is spent just building nonprofit impact reports. And that doesn't include the time spent doing inefficient data gathering across disparate systems of data ...

The Future of Impact Management & Social Impact Reporting

This week in San Francisco @SOCAP 10th Anniversary I had the opportunity to talk to social impact thinkers, practitioners, and leaders. While many impact investors are navigating different taxonomy an...

What is lean data management?

Lean Data, a term popularized by Acumen, refers to collecting high quality data related to social impact in order to demonstrate social change, and to do so with extremely efficient use of resources. ...

SDG Investing - Align Impact Investing with SDG

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have challenged both the public and private sector to amplify the outcomes of purpose-driven work, and in many cases to pursue SDG alignment. Part of this chal...

Online & Offline Data Collection : Social Impact Measurement

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data . When put in the context of social impact assessment, this wisdom from the inimitable Sherlock Holmes suggests that we should communicate impac...


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